Lil Gator Analysis: This Crocodile Decides To Play Link In Breath Of The Wild To Remind Us To Play More And Work Less

After returning to play Zelda: Breath of the Wild The last thing on your mind is killing Ganon, rescuing a princess, or even in getting more armor or hearts. All you care about is jumping, running, climbing and never stopping exploring. Breath of the Wild is like those eternal summer afternoons in the backyard, park and beach where everything was fun. It’s like those days when you still didn’t work or have responsibilities, and You never wanted September to come.

Lil Gator Game captures that spirit, and it does it in a way that is sweet, fun and very nostalgic. A crocodile played every summer with his older sister. They used to meet and enjoy together, but now she has grown up and she only thinks about finishing her homework at the university. Is our crocodile going to give up? Well no. He gathers his friends and organizes something very special so that he remembers how much fun they had together: it turns an entire island into something a lot like Hyrule.

He wears a peaked hat, a sword and a shield with which he can glide. He also has a shirt that he doubles as a paravela. There are monsters since his colleagues have filled the place with cardboard with them drawn, and they also hide themselves here and there pretending that they are NPC with needs to solve. There are no life bars, no chance to die, and it’s all pure play, exploration, and fun.

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Lil Gator’s humor is adorable

What I liked the most about the title it’s the mood of adventure. Lil Gator Game is a small open world that takes about three and a half hours to complete. The magic thing about it is being able to explore at your leisure, try things and meet the kids that populate the island. Some children pretend to be ninjas, others pay homage to characters from Legend of Zelda Or do they pretend to be pirates?. By finding them, you will make new friends, help them with their invented tasks and you will not stop laughing. It’s very cool.

Unfortunately the game is in English, but it’s great how it’s written

Because they are all very cute, and not because the graphic style is very bright, rounded and absolutely kawaii, but because of the way these kids express themselves. Unfortunately, the game is in English, but it’s great how it’s written. It is a game that has many links to the animated series Bluey, since all the children invent their own rules, sometimes they accidentally get out of the role they fulfill and return to it with a joke.

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That is why it is so convenient for him that the playable base is that of Breath of the Wild. We can do the same as in the Nintendo game, only with less demanding gameplay: We will climb, we will launch ourselves through the air and we will glide, we will fight with the sword and we will fall through the rapids of a river with our shield. The concept is great, Lil Gator Game is an experience that hugs you and leaves you warm, but he needs a little more hand in his mechanics and a challenge to shine.

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The game lacks a little more depth

Lil Gator Game has captivated me. I liked his message, how he rewrites Breath of the Wild and its characters, but in its concept it has some ups and downs. You have a sword, and you have to break the cards in the form of monsters that you find because the game’s currency is its pieces. The problem is that after the first tender laugh that escapes you when you finish the first one, the game doesn’t know how to make it interesting for you to break the next one.

It lacks one more point of imagination and fantasy to shine

The island is small which is great to explore it quickly, set a short game duration according to the proposal of the title and hide many secrets, but the problem is that everything is seen too quickly and you end up looking for missions and friends as in another open world. And since it is a game that does not allow you to die or fail, the resolution of all the tasks is not very stimulating, of running errands or of annihilating cardboard monsters. Missing one more point of imagination and fantasy to shine. Of course, it is very ingenious what children invent to contextualize them.

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The camera is not too thin either. There are too many trees for such a tiny play space, making the camera intent on filming the leaves on the tops and spoiling visibility. But these little things don’t take away from Lil Gator’s magic about her; Because even if all this is true, it doesn’t matter when our crocodile finds himself with childhood memories of him, or with a partner who shakes his hand and supports him in his mission to remind his sister of the importance of playing. Because that’s when you connect with a wonderful childish joy that makes you disconnect from everything, and that’s when Lil Gator works so well. In summary: it is a very cute open world and it will give you about three soft and sweet hours.

Lil Gator Game is a small open world that works as a reminder of how important it is to play for the sake of playing. Its short duration helps its self-imposed limitations not bother you too much and you focus on that, on playing; but it lacks a bit more effort in terms of playability to go from a captivating experience to a recommendable, unforgettable and essential one. The game is running great on Steam Deck, where I’ve reviewed it. I recommend it to all fathers and mothers who shed a tear when they see Bluey with her children. Yes, it is my case.

Buy Lil Gator Game

  • It has a very cute and beautiful cartoon graphic style

  • It’s a tremendously sweet rereading of Breath of the Wild

  • There is no death or challenge, only free and childish enjoyment said in the best of the senses

  • It’s in English and it’s a shame, because its humor is vibrant

  • A tiny open world, perfect for kids, moms and dads

Players: 1

Language: Texts in English and voices in English

Duration: 3-5 hours

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