L’Isle-Jourdain: the artist Jérôme Sénac in concert this Saturday, March 18

As part of the Printemps des Poètes, Jérôme Sénac will be in concert this Saturday, March 18, at 9 p.m., at the European Museum of Campanary Art, in L’Isle-Jourdain. After the release of his album at the end of November on musical platforms, the artist, author, composer, accompanied by musicians, will sing the 11 titles of his album.

In February, he did a two-day rehearsal residency at Cri’Art, in Auch, where he was able to set up his repertoire. This first album release concert is an important step for the artist. It will be an opportunity for him to present his latest repertoire and meet the Lislois and Gers public. He will notably play his single released as a clip in September “Soleil du monde”. Those who know or who have been able to listen to his songs will be able to listen to him on stage this weekend with his melodies with dancing and rhythmic or even intimate atmospheres. A beautiful musical evening in perspective at the Campanary Museum.