Listening to music slows down in the UK

(ETX Daily Up) – The pandemic did nothing: music continues to punctuate the daily lives of millions of music lovers. But it seems that the British are slightly less sensitive to it, according to the latest annual report from the British Phonographic Industry organization.

If the health crisis has turned out to be disastrous for concerts and festivals, it has contributed to the growth of recorded music. This phenomenon is particularly visible in the UK, where BPI saw a 5.7% increase in streaming. But the same cannot be said for the consumption of music as a whole. It only increased by 2.5% in 2021, compared to 8.2% the previous year.

Although listening to music has slowed down in the UK, the gap between streaming and physical record sales continues to widen. Digital technology is, more than ever, a real engine of growth for the music industry and its artists. Nearly 2,000 musicians have passed the 10 million listeners mark in the United Kingdom in 2021. This figure is highly symbolic since the British Phonographic Industry estimates that it is equivalent to the sale of 10,000 CDs.

Tapes losing speed

“Today, success is measured in millions or even billions of streams. They generate micro-payments that accumulate over time, depending on relative popularity. [d’un artiste] and the demand of his fans. This year’s growth shows that there is a huge appetite for music and we believe that by working together we can increase the value of the entire music market, so that streaming can help. even more artists in the future, ”said Geoff Taylor, CEO of BPI.

In the physical market, record sales are not as impressive, but they are holding up. A new generation of music lovers continue to buy CDs and vinyls, even if these two media were said to be dead in the face of the boom in streaming. Artists like Adele, Ed Sheeran and ABBA have also helped boost record sales with their latest albums. Unfortunately, cassettes do not meet with the same success. Only 185,000 cassettes were sold in the UK in 2021, according to the BPI.