Lockup movie download by the website Movierulz

 Lockup movie download by the website Movierulz
Newcomer director Charles is tying us to the seat at the speed at which the film begins. Policeman Sampath (Mime Gopi) is killed in his bungalow. The Inspector Princess (Eswari Rao) is informed about it. They immediately begin the investigation.

Policeman Murthy (Venkat Prabhu) goes first to the scene of the murder. In this case, a local rowdy surrenders, claiming that I killed Sampath. He also describes how he killed Sampath. But Rowdy’s confession casts doubt on the princess. He then begins to gather evidence with the help of Murthy.

Murthy’s aide Vasant ( Vaibhav ), who is investigating the suicide case of maid Purna, finds a link between the death and the murder of the policeman. The princess finds out that Sampath is involved in the murder and Murthy. The director has interestingly told what happens after that.

Lockup is what a crime thriller movie should look like. Although there are some holes the flow of the story does not make us take it too seriously. The way each knot is untied captivates the viewer.

The heroine of the story is Eswari Rao. Next to him, Venkat Prabhu attracts everyone’s attention. Assault has got a villain to villainize.

Now Venkat Prabhu can often be seen as a villain. Vaibhav has realized his role and acted. Purna just captivates in the coming scenes.