Lorp-Sentaraille. An abyssal dive in the Couserans for the bocage duo

Until June, the Couserans welcomes the bocage duo in residence of territory “current music and visual arts”, for a memorial dive in the territory. The territory residence installs an artistic team in a given territory, with the aim of questioning the public space and questioning the sense of belonging of its inhabitants. Welcomed by the Current Music Scene (SMAC) Art’Cade, bocage, a duo composed of Claire Weidmann and Timothée Demoury, has the mission of collecting its DNA. Thus, within the framework of its residence of territory, bocage goes to meet the population, explores essential places.
Visit of a unique place on the territory
Claire Weidmann and Timothée Demoury notably visited the Aristide Bergès museum. Aristide Bergès, engineer, papermaker and pioneer of hydroelectricity, is a key figure in the history of French industry… And Couseran. Originally from Lorp-Sentaraille, his memory and history remain intact in his birthplace, which has become a museum in his name. We find there, in particular, all the industrial buildings housing a complete cycle of paper manufacturing from the contemporary era. The only one existing to date in a museum context. And a vast “History of printing” department retraces the different stages of printing from Gutenberg to the emergence of computing.
Stationery was, for decades, an essential part of the economy of Couserans. The Aristide Bergès museum emphasizes, through its important conservation work, the imperative of preserving this exceptional heritage and cultural heritage.
During their visit, the bocage duo will have traveled the halls for a long time, but also been able to capture sounds and atmospheres, listening to the fascinating and scholarly explanations of Jean-Claude Antras.
Created by former workers and enthusiasts, the museum is now calling for volunteers. Papermakers or printers who would like to perpetuate the memory of this invaluable cultural and industrial heritage are invited to contact the association in charge of the place.

For more information, contact the association on 05 61 66 13 97 or [email protected] And to follow bocage: art-cade.fr and ilovebocage.com.

The image as a conductor

The bocage duo, made up of Claire Weidmann and Timothée Demoury, offers a colorful musical journey, a crazy pop revisited and open to today’s music. It mixes genres, sounds, and takes the listener into a universe made up of pop songs, folk ballads and indie flights, where sampled or played rhythms rub shoulders with hip-hop and electro. Within this duo, it is the image that becomes the conductor.