Lot: a musical show project for “places where life is in difficulty”

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An association recently created in Cieurac is putting together a musical piece with the aim of reaching an audience with little access to culture.

“To our lives!”. This is the name of the new project of the association “Suis tes pas”, created last July in Cieurac and which aims to foster social ties and promote creation. In the form of a musical piece, it will stage a village festival in which characters as varied as they are colorful will meet. The waitress, the depressed Parisienne, the “sucker”, the deans, the couple who never stop arguing, the globetrotters and even “Monsieur le Temps” … Everyone will be entitled to their song. Unpublished melodies and texts written by Linda Bonnel, singer-songwriter and president of the association, which relies as much on emotion as laughter to capture the public.

“For some, these are songs that I wrote about 15 years ago, but I didn’t want to be alone to do something with them. During the confinement, we all went through difficult, painful things. I had the idea of ​​creating the characters from the songs. That’s how the human adventure began, “she explains. After writing the play, she started the company of Martounes last March.

Based partly in Toulouse and partly in Cahors, it is made up of fifteen amateurs and professionals. On performance days, ten will be on stage. For now, the project is still in its infancy. The company has only eight rehearsals to its credit but intends to be ready to give its first performances in September 2022. “It’s a multigenerational troupe, we are between 20 and 74 years old. Some had never even played or sung before, ”she smiles. “Above all, we want our piece to be affordable and that it can be performed with people who need it in order to bring comfort and closeness.”

It is still time for rehearsals for the troop.

It is still time for rehearsals for the troop.

In nursing homes, hospitals or remand centers

Because another particularity of this project is the ambition of the association as to the places in which it intends to perform. “Our goal is to share this piece with as many people as possible and especially in places where life is in difficulty”, explains Linda Bonnel. This is why, in addition to the usual cultural spaces, the association also relies on nursing homes, hospitals and remand centers. “Today, there are a lot of live shows, but in these places people cannot access them”, adds the one who hopes to be able to organize the first at the Oncopole, the University Cancer Institute in Toulouse.

Yet another challenge remains for this young association: finding the necessary funds. “We have already established a provisional budget of € 26,180. We can finance part of it and we are supported among others by Crédit Agricole Nord-Midi-Pyrénées and the Lot department. This has notably enabled the purchase of micro- headphones necessary for part of the sound system, but we are still looking for partners. Besides that we also have to work on the sets “, adds Linda Bonnel. A leetchi fund has also been created for those who would like to support the project.