Lot-et-Garonne: a Barbastais seller in the program “Affaire Conclue”

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Olivier Ducousso will be on the show “Affaire Conclue”, on France 2, on Friday or in the next few days…

He still doesn’t come back. Olivier Ducousso, originally from Barbaste, had the chance to participate in June in the program “Affaire Conclue” on France 2 hosted by Sophie Davant. According to the production, the broadcast of his passage in the show should be scheduled this Friday, September 23 or the following days… In the show, whose slogan is “Everyone has something to sell”, the host Sophie Davant welcomes and accompanies the owners of objects and follows all the stages of a sale.

“I received a warm welcome from the team”

Initially, each object is appraised by one of the show’s auctioneers who gives a starting estimate price to the object. Secondly, the owner can get the best price for his object by selling it at auction to a selection of buyers from all over France. “I had owned a large Dunlop enamel advertising plate since my childhood. It had been given to me by a neighbor when I was little”, says Olivier Ducousso.

After sending a photo of the object stored for several years in his garage, the production of the show contacted the Barbastais to inform him of the interest aroused by this vintage advertising plate. An appointment has been set for the filming of the show, which took place on June 9 in the goldsmith studios in Saint-Denis near Paris. “The overnight train journey to the hotel and all costs were covered by the production. I received a warm welcome from the whole team, as well as from Sophie Davant, who is very friendly We drank coffee together and everyone did their best to make the participants in the show who come from all walks of life feel comfortable,” Olivier recalls. After the nervousness of the first moments of filming, the Lot-et-Garonnais forgot the cameras and took advantage of the sale of his object which took place in a simple and relatively fast way. The advertising plate, in very good condition, initially valued at €150, was sold for more than double and bought by second-hand goods collector Michel Bimier, who owns several stores.

We asked Olivier Ducousso to introduce himself by quoting the city of Agen so that viewers can identify where the candidate comes from. The latter says he is very satisfied with this experience, which is as pleasant as it is unusual. “I didn’t think I would one day be on television for an advertising plaque,” he adds, laughing.

After a period of six months after the broadcast, Olivier is already thinking of proposing a new object which will perhaps once again open the doors to the program “Affaire Conclue”.

“Affaire Conclue” on France 2 at 4:15 p.m.