Lot. Spotlight on the filming of “Murders in Figeac”: casting and script unveiled

the essential
The France 3 telefilm has chosen the Lot sub-prefecture and some neighboring villages as a backdrop for a new survey conducted against a background of Egyptology by Stéphane Plaza and Samira Lachhab.

Silence, it turns to Figeac. Since Tuesday, the 3rd Oeil Story production and the technical teams have been hard at work in the historic center to film the first scenes of “Murder in Figeac”. This fiction directed by Olivier Barma will be broadcast in a few months on France 3.
The locally recruited extras happily took their first steps in front of the camera under the curious eyes of the people of Figeacois, amused by this unprecedented filming in the heart of the city as well as in the surrounding villages.
“We have twenty days of shooting scheduled until October 27,” says Björn Andren, production manager who does not hide his pleasure in discovering the territory. “It’s an excellent discovery. We were extremely well received by the city and in general by all the people we meet for this shoot. We had a tremendous welcome everywhere, ”he confides. After two days in Lentillac-Saint-Blaise, the team will return to Figeac at the end of the week to continue shooting.

The cast and the script unveiled

On the bill for this “Murders in Figeac”, the title role was given to Stéphane Plaza, the famous host of M6, real estate specialist, also an actor, who for the occasion wears the uniform of a gendarme figeacois. At her side, other faces well known to regulars of TV series complete the cast: first Samira Lachhab (actress of the series “Tomorrow belongs to us”) who plays the heroine as well as Patrick Descamps, Julie-Anne Roth, Muranyi Kovacs, Pierre Laplace and Nicolas Devanne.
As for the scenario, as always with the “Murders in …” collection, the story echoes a legend or local history.
In Figeac, birthplace of the decipherer of hieroglyphics, the investigation will indeed begin at the Champollion museum with the discovery of a mummified body.
The main lines of the synopsis have been unveiled: back in the sub-prefecture of Lot, Manon (Samira Lachhab), lieutenant of the Toulouse research section, must commemorate the memory of her husband who died a year ago with her in-law. family but the reunion is complicated. Everyone criticizes Manon for leaving the village except her brother-in-law Olivier (Stéphane Plaza) who is a gendarme. While Manon is in Figeac, the dead are piling up, she decides to help Olivier to track down this murderer who tries to link his crimes to ancient Egypt.