Lot: the electronic music collective Ren’art has not finished making people dance

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Created in 2017, the Ren’art collective aims to promote electronic music in the Lot. Faced with the health crisis, he is resisting.

Concerts, a festival and even a label. Since 2017, the electronic music collective Ren’art has been multiplying projects. In the turmoil of the health crisis, and despite many canceled events, they continue to hold on.

Created by a group of friends from around Lalbenque, Ren’art now has about twenty members aged 24 to 28, including seven DJs. “The collective was born when we left to study in Toulouse. We then realized that there was a real deficit of electronic music in the Lot”, explains Sarah Gerothwohl, president of the collective and herself a DJ. In July 2017, they organized their first electronic petanque in Lalbenque, a friendly competition punctuated by DJ sets. A first experience that they have been repeating since each summer.

A dozen events canceled

Two years later, they began a collaboration with the Docks, the contemporary music scene of Cahors, which gives them carte blanche each year. Programming, first part, communication … the collective takes the reins for an evening. “It’s a real chance to collaborate with one of the biggest cultural players in the Lot. They helped us to make ourselves known”, assures the young woman. For three years, the projects are linked, but it was without counting on the pandemic.

Like other cultural actors, Ren’art suffered from Covid-19. Since the start of the health crisis, a dozen of their events, including the Carte blanche evening at the Docks or the electronic pétanques, have been canceled. Yet the collective does not give up. “We had a lot of disappointments and false hopes. It’s always a hard blow to have to give up an event because you spend time organizing it, you invest, you put a lot of hope in it… “, confides Sarah Gerothwohl. “But we don’t want to be defeatists either.”

A festival and a label that are holding up well

Despite the many restrictions that have punctuated the past two years, their Summer of Love festival has always resisted. Launched in 2020, it brought together 200 spectators the first year, then the following year 300, as well as around fifty volunteers. “It’s a festival that looks like us: rural, friendly, with local products, homemade food, a marquee. The culmination of all our ambitions and our values!” exclaims the musician.

The Summer of Love festival took place in 2020 and 2021.

The Summer of Love festival took place in 2020 and 2021.

One more reason for the young collective to remain confident. “We have managed to maintain it. We are already working on the next edition, hoping that the health crisis will allow it”. The projects continue to abound and the president of the collective does not hesitate to project herself into the future: “We would like to export electronic pétanque to Toulouse. And also organize an open-air event in Cahors in May before the evening Carte blanche to the Docks, May 14”.

Finally, the collective also wants to develop its label RNT Records. For now, he has already produced three EPs: the first brought together 9 artists, the second two, and the third was devoted to songs by a single artist. The collective is committed to releasing a new one in February.