Love is in the meadow: a farmer passionately kisses a suitor under the eyes of his rival

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Evening rich in twists and turns in the new episode of “Love is in the meadow”: meetings, departures and kisses.

On the farm of Jean, a 58-year-old cow breeder in Beaujolais, the two contenders have never really had a thing in common: Nathalie the blonde, cash, fan of Johnny Hallyday and karaoke and Laurence, a discreet dark-haired divorcee for several years. For several episodes, Jean had not yet made his choice despite the two opposing characters of the two women.

In the episode broadcast Monday evening, the trio prepared a merguez party organized in the courtyard of the farm with about twenty friends and family members of the farmer, father of three grown children. In the morning, the two women went to the kitchen. While Laurence was cooking the rice, Nathalie was chopping the vegetables. Quantity of rice, cooking time: Laurence was in doubt which had the gift of annoying Nathalie, more energetic. After 10 minutes of cooking, noticing that there was not enough water in the rice for her taste, Nathalie took matters into her own hands. His phrase “I saved the rice” amused many viewers.


— Styhx_ (@Styhx_) September 26, 2022

The girl she added 10cl of water in the rice, you listen to her she just saved France on the maginot line in 40 ‘ #adp2022 #ADP2022 #ADP22

— White (@Dexter__White) September 26, 2022

#adp2022 I saved the rice! She believes in #Koh Lanta or what ? In 1 hour she lights a fire with sticks in the garden

— ayeuhhhh (@ayeuhhhh) September 26, 2022

Once the guests arrived, Nathalie showed herself at ease, evoking her past as a maintenance worker at the Chattes swimming pool, in Isère. Laurence was more reserved. Jean’s daughter went to her to take the time to discuss and learn about her story and her position vis-à-vis her father. Jean’s daughter then wanted to take stock with her father, making him realize that he was going more naturally towards Laurence, whom she found more composed. For the first time, Jean took a stand and admitted half-heartedly that he preferred Laurence to Nathalie.

Returning with his guests, the farmer left before the end of the meal with his two suitors to go dancing in a guinguette, which Laurence wanted. The day before, the trio had spent the evening in a karaoke. Chaining the slows, Jean and Laurence got closer, danced for several songs together before embracing languorously for long moments on the track… under the eyes of Nathalie who remained seated at the table, her eyes on her mobile phone.

The definition of embarrassment? #adp #adp2022

—JR (@jb_jag_jr) September 22, 2022

This season’s picture:
The pachydermic shovel rolling, the sweaty polo shirt, the superhero seum in the background. It is magic.#ADP #adp2022

— P2F (@Manoooooche1) September 26, 2022

It’s more of a clog at this point it’s the dementor’s kiss #adp2022 #ADP #ADP22

— ?????????? (@thiibster) September 26, 2022

#adp2022 Jean redid the Bedos/Domier sketch for us.

— ШÅ$ ΚÅШÅΨ (@waskaway) September 26, 2022

The girl gave it her all, a legendary rice cooker, a madison while swaying, Johnny in pearls! all the signals were green… and then the drama! #adp #adp2022

— Chris (@SirhcFr) September 26, 2022

The Nathalie who catches fire behind ?????? #adp2022 #ADP

— Mr. Greg (@PetitGreg13) September 26, 2022

– “Which one do I kill first?”#ADP #ADP22 #ADP2022

— Niko (@Niko_Officiel) September 26, 2022

I keep zooming I’m dead#ADP #ADP22 #adp2022

— Duplessis (@duplessis544) September 26, 2022

After this kiss, Jean and Laurence came back to sit down with Nathalie. Comment from Jean, embarrassed: “It’s a big room anyway!” Nathalie’s reaction will be broadcast in the next episode.

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Where are the other farmers?

Alexandre, the Norman breeder, invited Laura and Anaig to his farm. The trio went horseback riding. Laura, sensitive and very emotional, burst into tears several times. She felt misunderstood by Alexandre and made the choice to leave the adventure. She skipped a meal organized by the farmer with her friends and drove away during the meal. How will Anaig react?

Alain, the calf breeder in Burgundy, invited three suitors to his farm: Alain, Jean-Noël and Gilbert. He had not been able to meet them in Paris due to the Covid-19 detected on the morning of the speed-dating. Alain, the suitor, showed himself to be particularly willing in the work of the farm, which annoyed the other two suitors. The emotional Jean-Noël took advantage of a trip to the bakery to better reveal himself. Gilbert, finding Alain the candidate too fast and busy with his job, preferred to pack his bags.

Guillaume, the 28-year-old from Corrézien, too shy to have already been in a relationship, invited Margot and Noémie to his farm. Originally from Hauts-de-France, they arrived together on the farm, which disconcerted the farmer. The young Margot is talkative, knows the activity of a farm, to the detriment of a more withdrawn Noémie. Yet it is for Noémie that Guillaume has a preference. For the first time in the history of the show, Karine Le Marchand called the farmer on his cell phone during the stay to advise him on what to say to express his preferences.

Agnès, master brewer in the East, admits to being a blue flower and is looking for Prince Charming at the age of 58, after having raised three grown children and having divorced. The episode made it possible to follow the opening of the mails and the speed-datings. She chose to invite Eric and Christian to stay with her.