Love is in the meadow: big surprises for Delphine and Franck at the time of the balance sheet

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Are the farmers of season 16 of “Love is in the meadow” still in a relationship with their suitors? The first part of the report, broadcast Monday evening on M6, made it possible to discover it. With surprises in store.

Never for four years in “Love is in the meadow”, so many couples had been formed. As the end of Season 16 draws near, it’s time to take stock for the eleven farmers who were looking for love. Karine Le Marchand welcomed the candidate farmers in a farmhouse in Provence. For this first part, she took stock with Delphine, Franck, Hervé, Vincent the winegrower and Jean-François. The results of the other farmers will be released next Monday.

  • Delphine and Ghislaine: the break

Single for almost two years, after a relationship of twelve years, Delphine the organic arborist from Tarn-et-Garonne was looking for love with a woman. She had chosen Delphine and Ghislaine after the speed dating in Paris. With Delphine, a neighbor of the Tarn, there were two headaches during her short stay at the farm. The farmer has never been able to project herself into a relationship with her. “We couldn’t communicate”.

During her stay with Ghislaine, a banker in the Oise, the young woman wanted to impress her: small plane flight, motorcycle ride, bike ride. “It was a bit too much for me,” Delphine explained to Karine Le Marchand. “I wanted to get to know her and we didn’t have time for us.” Unfortunately, Delphine came alone to take stock. She left Ghislaine two months ago because of her jealousy. Scared by her sentimental past, “Gigi” could not trust. “She said to me ‘I feel that you are going to betray me’ and I said to myself that it was going to be unmanageable”, explains Delphine. Today she is still looking for love: “Someone simple, jovial, childless, whether in being and not in appearing”.

Delphine took the opportunity to announce that two women she had chosen to come to speed dating in Paris are today a couple: Isabelle and Christelle. They even moved in together.

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  • Franck: rebound with Cécile

We had left Franck in tears in his house in Charente-Maritime near the forest where he is a lumberjack. Falling under the spell of Cécile, her “Line Renaud eyes” and her cheeks, he had nevertheless let her go. Unable to forget it, and unable to show his feelings to the original Anne-Lise, he found himself alone. Cécile offered him a long-distance relationship at first while Anne-Lise was ready to put down her bags and settle down. After the cameras left, Franck met Cécile’s youngest son and his contender’s mother and wrote to the eldest son. “I was thinking about her over and over, I could only see her blue eyes and I was like ‘what have you done'”?

Cécile explained that the return home had been difficult. “I had locked everything with a double lock”. Franck wanted to see her again, she agreed to understand. “There, he took out the canoe oars,” said the sparkling Cécile with a smile. They are now in a relationship and are at the beginning of their history. They came together to take stock against Karine Le Marchand.

Too happy that Cecile agreed to come back to Franck #ADP21 long live your love

— Evelyne DM (@newlove3) November 22, 2021

Franck’s lack of experience – he had his first sexual relationship at 40 six years ago – has not bothered her. “He has respect for women.” And is it tactile? “Yes it is tactile, but it still lacks a little softness,” said Cécile. To which Franck replied: “Ben, I am a lumberjack”.

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  • Hervé and Stéphanie: soon a baby?

Hervé le Picard – and his mother Bernadette – were undoubtedly the most popular of this season of “Love is in the meadow”. Between Vanessa and Stéphanie who had come to stay on the family farm where he still lived with his parents, Hervé had chosen Stéphanie. At nearly 40, she saw herself “remaining an old maid.” “He looks like me, he’s like me, he talks the same and I like him physically,” explained the Normande.

The couple who had not hesitated to tell in detail the loss of virginity of Hervé at 43 in a previous episode, put on a layer. “The first time, it was not me who pushed her”, confesses Stéphanie. And to admit after this first sexual relation: “I said to myself if it is like that every time, I will be worn out!” But she admits it: “We don’t do it every day anyway.” Bernadette also advised her daughter-in-law not to “do too much somersaults”, dixit Hervé.

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The farmer does not regret having waited 43 years to experience the pleasures of the flesh: “In one year, I gained fifteen years”. And to add: “Yesterday I was a little kid, today I am a man”. Hervé says he has gained confidence.

We laugh, we laugh but in the end we wish them all the happiness of Hervé and Stéphanie, they are very mimicked #adp #ADP21 #adp2021

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You saw the assurance that he still has… with his gaze !! Herve ud83d udc4f ud83c udffb ud83d udc4f ud83c udffb ud83d udc4f ud83c udffb
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Today, Stéphanie has found work in Picardy. The couple have found a home and want to have a child very soon. They would like to buy or build a house but cannot find anything to their liking. Karine Le Marchand will call Stéphane Plaza next week to help them! Marriage will come after the baby and the house.

  • Jean-François and Mélanie: still crazy love

Jean-François the farmer from Ariège is still with Mélanie, a neighbor of Foix, for whom he fell in love with speed dating in Paris. Mélanie explained to Karine Le Marchand that she had discovered the portrait of Jean-François in La Dépêche du Midi in the morning for breakfast with the family. His sister handed him the newspaper, saying: “Here, Melanie, this is the man of your life!”.

Mélanie was not particularly looking for love. She had returned six months earlier from Afghanistan after a two-year stay. She worked in the mother-child pavilion near the French hospital in Kabul. She still works in a hospital today. Looking back, she explains that she was impressed by Jean-François’ “charisma”. In love, they have the love of nature and traditions in common. The opportunity for the Ariège farmer to sing once again with this time “Le refuge” by Michel Etcheverry.

Jean-François, however, acknowledged that he still had old boy habits and that he was not yet showing enough of his feelings.

Mélanie and Jean-Francois have found each other really well, they are a beautiful couple #ADP #adp2021 #ADP21

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  • Vincent the winegrower: remotely with Marie-Jeanne

Vincent, the Vaucluse winegrower, had brought to his farm the talkative Stéphanie, a dog nanny, and Marie-Jeanne, an official from Montélimar, more reserved. He was also afraid that this 57-year-old mother with three children was too withdrawn. If he was initially attracted to Stéphanie, he changed his mind during the stay at the farm. That Stéphanie does not eat meat, for Vincent, “it was not easy anyway”. Meeting Vincent, for Marie-Jeanne, was “a crush, not love at first sight”.

Vincent also says of Marie-Jeanne: “She soothes me, she is learned, cultivated, intelligent”. But he never told her “I love you”: “I have messed up so much in my life that I don’t say it anymore”.

Moreover, Vincent and Marie-Jeanne continue to live 40 minutes away and see each other every weekend. They see themselves continuing their life together like this at this point. As Vincent says: “At the age that we are, we no longer expect the same things, we must take all the good times that life gives us”.

I really liked Vincent during the speedating, I hated him at his place but seeing how he is with Marie-Jeanne, I am pleasantly surprised #ADP21 #adp

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#ADP21 #ADP #ADP2021 I didn’t particularly like Vincent but in fact he is quite cute with her, they go well together

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