Love is in the meadow: Didier l’Aveyronnais and Isabelle are separated after two years of love

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The farmer Didier de l’Aveyron had been a popular personality in season 12 of “Love is in the meadow”. He had met love with Isabelle, a postwoman from Haute-Garonne. The couple broke up.

Didier marked many viewers of “Love is in the meadow”. This year again, many of them have a nostalgic dialogue with the farmer from Capdenac in Aveyron. Didier’s very fast speech rate, his accent and his phrasing – which M6 chose to subtitle – or his naturalness quickly made him stand out in season 14 of the show.

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The 59-year-old suckler cow breeder, who had never known the slightest sentimental relationship, had found love with Isabelle. “It was him, it’s obvious. I flashed on him”, explained Isabelle during the assessment with Karine Le Marchand in 2019. The hilarious Didier had qualified his meeting with Isabelle as a “miracle”. The couple had even thought about marriage.

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However, three years later, Didier and Isabelle are separated. Viewers were able to find out in “Love Seen From the Meadow”, the show broadcast following “Love is in the Meadow”, in which former farmers comment on the current season from their couch. In the episode of Monday evening, Didier made this announcement by going to Ricou, a farmer from Cantal, ex-candidate of the show. A shock for many viewers.

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“I am single. It was done I do not know how”, explained Didier. “A bit of the environment which was not good, a bit of my fault, a bit of his fault. And then we broke up, that’s it.” How did Didier experience this separation? “It made me a little sad, it’s been two years that we were together. But hey, life is like that”, explained Didier.

However, the Aveyron farmer does not lose his good humor: “We are going to get back on the market now!”