“Love is in the meadow”: hundreds of abused cows found at Laurent, a former candidate

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Laurent Levacher, former candidate for “Love is in the meadow”, is accused of mistreating his animals. Cattle carcasses were found on his farm.

On Friday March 10, a vast operation to withdraw cattle and health checks was carried out in the town of Vatteville-la-Rue, in Seine-Maritime, reports Paris-Normandy. This judicial operation mobilized the veterinary services of the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations and the gendarmerie, with the support of the Brigitte-Bardot Foundation.

The veterinary services noted that the living and detention conditions of the cattle present on the farm were “incompatible with the physiological needs of their species (lack of watering, characterized lack of quality food)”. A bovine in a situation of great suffering had to be euthanized and many corpses were found on the farm.

The breeder targeted by the operation would be Laurent Levacher, candidate for the television show “L’Amour est dans le pré” in 2020.

The animals seized will be welcomed in one or more farms acting as a refuge where they will be individually examined, before being placed with partner breeders of the Brigitte-Bardot foundation, indicate our colleagues.