Love is in the meadow: the very naughty cakes of a farmer for his suitors

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In the sixth episode of “Love is in the Meadow” airing Monday night, farmers’ farm stays continued for suitors. The first tensions have also emerged.

Getting to know each other better, discovering each other, falling in love: this is the goal of farm stays in “Love is in the meadow”. Farmers opened their lives and farms to two suitors each in the sixth issue aired Monday night on M6.

Franck, the 46-year-old sylviculturist from Charente-Maritime, chose Anne-Lise, a literature professor from Oise and Cécile, who works in a sensory analysis laboratory, who came from the same Charente department. After waking them up in the morning by rescuing a cattle bell, he wanted to get to know them better by offering them a pruning course in the forest. Quickly, Cécile does not appreciate that Anne-Lise, the redhead with an original temperament, puts herself too much forward for her liking. Franck, he wants to project himself and know how his suitors imagine the future.

Cécile imagines, at first, that they could meet two or three a week. With her job, her home and her child, she could not move in with Franck immediately. However, Franck admits to him that she “has enormous assets and that she is ideal”. But what he wants above all is to give a woman a hug every night. Cécile then points out to him: “When we meet again, it can be even richer”.

Anne-Lise, for her part, is ready to settle in straight away with her two young children. At speed dating, she confessed to Franck that she had already put her house up for sale and asked for a transfer even before meeting him. The French teacher bluntly admits: “I want to put glitter in her life, that’s clear!” Or that she wants to “put aloe vera on her hands because they are dry”. An opportunity to take his hand. Anne-Lise even tells him that she “tilted on her little ears”. Ears “3 and a half centimeters”, answers Franck, astonished. “It enlarges the kissing area,” notes the letter teacher. In the discussion, Franck admits to him that he sometimes has the language of a carter. And Anne-Lise replied: “Me too, you did not see me driving then! At the wheel, I call people communists! I am horrible!” A reference that made many Internet users smile.

“Communist” really is not the worst insult Anne-Lise. Ud83d ude2d #adp2021

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“Me, I am a guedin at the wheel, I insult the people of communist”

Violence !!!!!!

“You are going to move your motorized vehicle, you Leninist scoundrel ??? !!!!”#ADP #ADP2021 #ADP21

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normal people on the road: “ENCULÉ LE BLIGNO”

Anne-Lise: “dirty communist !!! “#ADP #adp2021

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And here is the dessert!

Once back in his house, decorated with the heads of stuffed animals, Franck, Anne-Lise and Cécile sat down to table. For dessert, Franck had prepared a surprise. And what a surprise! “Pines des Rameaux”, a specialty of a baker near Royan, shaped like a penis, made of choux pastry topped with whipped cream and icing sugar.

It’s still very uncomfortable what happens at Franck … His laughter does not help any more. #adp2021

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The discovery of pastry naturally made the suitors smile. “Is it on purpose?” Asks Anne-Lise. “The form has a meaning”, notes Cécile. “Ah, I hadn’t noticed!” Franck replies with a burst of laughter. But how to eat it? “It’s quite easy to eat, you grab it with both hands and eat it”, explains the Charente sylviculteur. “You bite into that? But you shouldn’t bite into it normally!” Adds Anne-Lise mischievously. “Either you start with the glans, or you start with the end,” adds Cécile. Anne-Lise tastes it but admits that “it’s really annoying”. Franck, Anne-Lise and Cécile will finally taste the erotic-pastry specialty in full mouth.

What about other farmers?

Hervé le Picard continues his stay with Vanessa and Stéphanie. He seems to lean more and more for Vanessa, who is considered more comfortable and more fun. Delphine, the organic farmer from Tarn-et-Garonne, welcomes Christelle and Ghislaine. Tensions arose on two occasions between the farmer and Christelle who wondered if she was not going to leave. Vincent the winemaker welcomed his only contender, Stéphanie, with his best friend. As for Valentin, the Breton producer of edible flowers, he has already proposed, despite his shyness, a tractor ride on his knees to Shirley. Natacha, the other contender, refused, believing that it is still too early.