Luis Tosar: “In Spanish cinema we are more and more pacatates and less hooligans”

Alejandro G. Calvo has interviewed Luis Tosar and José Coronado live on SensaCine, who premiered this Friday the robbery film by Jaume Balagueró ‘Way Down’

“The industry in Spain has evolved for the better, but I am concerned about the content regarding cinema when I grew up. Spanish cinema is less and less daring than that of the 80s, more coy and less hooligan, perhaps it is because of its size each time global, but it is something that is affecting all areas of Spanish society “, it has been so forceful Luis Tosar in the interview held together with Jose Coronado, with SensaCine director Alejandro G. Calvo. Even the SensaCine studio have come this afternoon to present in our Youtube channel, his new film, Way Down, the feature film with an international cast, with Fredy Highmore, among others, directed by Jaume Balagueró and that hits theaters this friday, 12th of November.

In the interview in which readers have been able to send their questions also directly, both actors have also described the best moments of their careers. They have explained how the villains they have had to embody throughout their careers have workedra. “You work a lot on the character to do it, with his different layers, and then he always likes to play with the dark side,” explains José Coronado.

Tosar has also confessed that he always faces each new job with some uncertainty: “You try to explore and you find yourself in an unknown place and you do not know if it is going to turn out well or if it is going to turn out badly.“. Coronado has also acknowledged that in his origins, his first roles were too ornate:

“At the beginning you always try to put a lot into your character, decorate it, as if it were a Christmas tree. But then, with time and experience, you realize that there is excess fat, that the important thing is muscle, the importance of containment and that less is more and all this nonsense that is said but that is true and is learned over time, “explains Coronado, who in the film plays the head of security at the Bank of Spain who must deal with the theft of the century.

Luis Tosar and José Coronado are two of the national faces that are part of the international cast of Balagueró’s film. A cast led by Freddie Highmore – known for his role in the hit medical fiction, The Good Doctor -, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, Sam Riley, Liam Cunningham, Axel Stein and Famke Janssen.

EXCLUSIVE ‘Way Down’: Discover Tom, Freddie Highmore’s character in Jaume Balagueró’s heist movie

Cough, who began his career in the world of acting on stage, already under the command of Jaume Balagueró in the psychological horror thriller, While You Sleep. The actor, winner of three Goya Awards, premiered last September the drama based on real events, Maixabel, where he gets into the skin of a former member of the terrorist gang ETA. On Way Down change registration to give life to Simon, nicknamed “the achiever”, a man capable of achieving almost anything he sets out to do, through the Internet.

Tosar remembered his first works with Icíar Bollaín with Flores de Otro Mundo. “The town where we shot, Cantalojas (Gudalajara) was a foreign place for me, but it was a total immersion in the film, very immersed in the town with many local people who acted in the film and I, who was 27 years old, for me quite a experience and I also met Icíar who for obvious reasons has been very important to me “

On the other hand, for José Coronado, winner of the Goya for his role in There will not be peace for the evil ones, this is the first time that he has been under the command of the Spanish director. If something Coronado has shown is his ability to play all kinds of roles. In the interview, he recalled, for example, his role in the series Central Brigade, a television series from the 1980s in which he considered himself “a pipiolo”. “It was a series shot in 35 mm, when things were still being done with time, and with the luck of having a great little man at the helm such as the dealers Pedro Masó,” Coronado recalled. Although before the end of 2021, you can see him in a completely different role in the comedy The Perfect Family.

They have also recalled some of their most complex moments in their early days. Coronado, for example, has recalled with laughter that when he asked the director in the Central Brigade to give him “more chicha” so as not to always be in the background, he chose to turn his character into a homosexual. “In the end it is very good that they put us in uncomfortable situations,” he explained.

They have also remembered the films that were a turning point in their career. In Tosar’s case: Mondays in the sun, Flowers from another world O Cell 211. For Coronado, he began to change his career with Enrique Urbizu with Box 507 “He took me out of my comfort zone of nice characters and into a zone of dark characters for which I am very grateful.”

What is ‘Way Down’ about

Dock the Bank of Spain. This is the premise from which Way Down, a heist ‘thriller’ that promises to keep you on your toes for nearly 120 minutes. The action introduces us to Thom Johnson, a brilliant young engineer who must face the most dangerous job of his professional career. He has been put under the command of a gang of robbers who have contacted him to find a way to sneak into the Bank of Spain.

The prestigious financial institution, of which no one has plans or knows how to circumvent its security. Thom accepts the offer and in just ten days he must devise a plan to enter the building and steal an object of value that is only passing through the entity. The day of the great robbery will coincide with the final of the World Cup in South Africa. An event that will bring thousands of people to meet around the Bank of Spain.

‘Way Down’: this is how Freddie Highmore became a bank robber at the foot of La Cibeles

The interpreters have also confessed, in response to questions from SensaCine readers, which are their favorite heist movies. Luis Tosar has chosen A perfect plan, which he has considered a genius and also the saga of Oceans´s Eleven. Meanwhile, Coronado stays with the Spanish Robbery at Three.

In addition, both actors have praised the work of Jaume Balagueró. “He has a lot of style and a sense of humor and a vision of life that is very ironic and very necessary in a shoot,” Tosar explained. For Coronado “he is a very brave guy, and I see him there with more than a thousand extras at the Castellana and he was the calmest of all and for that you have to be the most courageous.”