Luis Tosar’s sleepless night before meeting Ibon Etxezarreta from ETA: “He was terrified”

Sara heredia

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The actor has been a guest at ‘El Hormiguero’ to promote Icíar Bollaín’s new film, ‘Maixabel’. It opens in theaters on September 24.

On Maixabel, Luis Tosar gives life to Ibon Etxezarreta, one of the ETA members who murdered Juan María Jáuregui. Ten years after the crime, Etxezarreta met the widow, who had extended her hand for forgiveness and a second chance. A straight story from the heart that Icíar Bollaín has brought to the big screen. To prepare the role, Tosar was able to meet the terrorist. As he has told in an interview in The Hormiguero, to which he attended as a guest, the night before speaking with him he could not sleep and admits that he was terrified.

The night before I did not sleep. You do not know what you are going to find. You have references, they have told you about him, obviously. Still, I was terrified because I didn’t know what kind of person I was going to meet. And I met a person who did not have much to do, surely, with the one he was in the year 2000, when Juan Mari was murdered

Luis Tosar’s surprise is the one that many will take when approaching his story for the first time. The ETA member murdered dozens of people on behalf of the ETA organization before repenting of his actions. Two decades have passed since then and Etxezarreta, thanks to his relationship with Juan María Jáuregui’s widow, Maixabel Lasa, uses his experience to condemn the use of violence.

“He is a person who has been able to turn the tables on his life, in a radical way. A person who has realized the atrocities he committed, capable of repentance, capable of asking for forgiveness and capable of starting a new I walk trying to contribute what I can so that this does not happen again “, says the interpreter,” He has joined Maixabel’s car. He is a great admirer of her and she has given him the opportunity, she has given him her hand, to say: ‘Okay, with me maybe we can contribute something so that this does not happen again in the future“.

That is the basis of Maixabel, the tape promoted by Luis Tosar in the Pablo Motos program. Explore Maixabel Lasa’s (Blanca Portillo) relationship with her husband’s murderers: Ibon Etxezarreta (Luis Tosar) and Luis Carrasco (Urko Olazabal). The widow was able to reach out to dialogue after the tragic event with the sole objective that the armed struggle would not be repeated. You can enjoy the film in Spanish cinemas from September 24.

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