Lüv: “I’m delighted to bring a touch of techno to Albi jazz festival”

She continues her ascent in the world of electronic music. The Albigensian Lûv will be this evening under the marquee of the Magic mirrors. Encounter.

We left you on the Pratgraussals stage this summer, you were scheduled for the Pause Guitare festival.

It was a great experience to launch this evening, even if the time offered to me was limited (30 minutes). I had to condense. With electro music, it takes a little time for the public to soak up our worlds, to start dancing.

See you tonight as part of Albi jazz festival.

It’s great to be invited. I’m delighted to bring a touch of electro here, for an hour and a half.

I’m going to meet another audience that I’m going to have to seduce. I’m sure it will work well, because in these festivals, the spectators are attentive to the creation, to the universe of the artist. I look forward.

You are in the process of making a real place for yourself in the world of electronic music.

My project started five years ago. It’s true that I do more and more dates whether in festivals, halls or clubs.

You are not a DJ with his play list, but a composer who comes up with her own songs.

Absolutely. It’s my work, my universe that I offer on stage, not other people’s records.

When we listen to your titles, we are captured by the melodic side of your techno.

It’s a real choice. I can’t compose without it. It’s the melody that makes me shiver. Emotion is my universe.

Why choose electronic music?

During my adolescence, I was in the metal world. I wanted to go on stage, play the guitar. But at 18, I considered that I was too old to learn the instrument. This is where I discovered electro. We can do everything, use the sounds of all the instruments, reconstruct the music.

Being alone in the composition and on stage, does that suit you?

Oh yeah. I like to control everything. Some time ago, I worked as a duo. There is artistic frustration. No, really, I like being alone.

Why the nickname Lüv?

The wolf is my totem. I am quite animal, while protecting mine. Finally, I am a false calm.