Lyrics in Romanian, parody clip: will “Time time” be the hit of the winter?

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The song “Time time” by the group Trei Degete is one of the new hits of the moment. Dance sounds, lyrics in Romanian, music video inspired by the 2000s … A bet is hidden behind this song.

The first time you hear it, you inevitably think of “Dragostea din tei” by the Romanian group O-zone in 2004 or the parody track “Stach, stach” by the band of Mickaël Youn in 2001. This track is ” Time, time “from the group Trei Degete,” three fingers “in Romanian. Since the start of the holidays, he has been on NRJ ten times a day.

If the title is in English, the lyrics are in Romanian. And what lyrics … “I’m happy to eat a seedless watermelon” says the beginning of the song. The resolutely dance music catches the ear. And the clip parodies the videos of the 2000s where the three singers with boy band airs follow a choreography.

A bet for a good cause

In fact, this song is part of a bet, not in Romania, but in France. At the origin of the project, there is the famous YouTuber with 7 million subscribers Squeezie. With several friends of his own, divided into two trios, they set out to write two hits from the 2000s in three days. Lyrics, music, video: we had to draw inspiration from the 2000s. Two pieces were written: “Offishal” by the group Ambiance skandal and “Time time” by the group Trei Degete.

The tracks were released as a 2-track CD and went on sale between November 15th and December 15th. The profits will go to the Secours populaire français. At the same time, a website recorded sales in real time. With 75,943 sales, “Time, time” won the duel. The video has been viewed over 25 million times on YouTube.

With this success, will the pseudo-group Trei Degete survive? “In the long term, nothing is decided. We will see if there are opportunities”, explained Squeezie to the Parisian a few days ago. “We will see what the public wants because the Trei Degete belong to them”.

“O-zone it was mythical”

If the track does not appear in the sales charts in Romania, Squeezie hopes the track will be well received there. “We were too afraid that they would think we were laughing at them when not at all. We pay them tribute, but at the same time that could be interpreted as a mockery, explained the Youtubeur on the set of Popcorn. “For us, O-Zone, it’s mythical, and we said to ourselves that we had to re-sensitize people to what was done at that time in those countries.” From this point of view there, the bet is won.