Madam Chief Minister movie download by the website Moviesda

Madam Chief Minister movie download by the website Moviesda

it is said that ‘whatever is going on in politics, seems to be going on or whatever is going to go on; No one can imagine this. The politics of power is never straightforward, when? Politicians themselves are unaware of whether such twists and turns will come or not.

That is why there is confusion for the ‘chair’ from the streets to Delhi and beyond. This confusion is sometimes verbal and sometimes bloody.

But, this ear is not aware of that ear. Director Subhash Kapoor has portrayed this unseen side of politics in his movie ‘Madam Chief Minister’. We are all familiar with the phrase, “Everything is forgiven in love and war.” We see the same sentence in this movie. There is ‘love’ and also ‘political’ war.

Director Subhash Kapoor’s handiwork is a presentation of the story revolving around the system and the scenes in the script attached to it. The scenes in the film are eye-popping. A similar attempt has been made this time through ‘Madam Chief Minister’. This is a story that takes place in Uttar Pradesh.

A man of the upper caste in the village fires at a wedding procession of another caste passing in front of his house. In it, a person has to lose his life for no reason. The main story of the movie is Tara ( Richa Chadha)) It revolving around this young woman.

This is the daughter of the same person; Whose life is taken by a racist gun. As the girl was reborn in the house, Tara’s grandmother tried to kill her by poisoning her. But, Tara’s mother saves her.

This is the same girl who commits orgies when she enters politics; All this is shown in movies. How does an unjust star get to the CM’s chair? What layer does it go to sustain it when it arrives? But at the same time, how does it work for the public interest and welfare? How do you avenge the injustice done to you? The answer to all this is in ‘Madam Chief Minister’.

In the movie, the director has also given a touching tweak to all the politicians. Coalitions, power shifts, distribution of ministerial posts in power between close and family members, the politics of splitting each other’s MLAs; Until he kills anyone who gets in the way of the chair … The director has commented on all the matters. All of this has been strongly supported; Richa Chadha’s acting.

Richa, who is in the role of a star, has proved himself once again. While portraying the personality of a woman older than his own age, Richa has tried to keep it more and more smooth and natural without showing off anywhere.

Richa’s mouthful of Uttar Pradesh accentuates the role. As the cinema draws to a close; That’s how the politician in the role of Richa comes before us. The ending of the movie is unexpected and eyebrow-raising. So to see these sly politics done for the chair, one must-watch movie.

Manav Kaul, Akshay Oberoi, Saurabh Shukla, Nikhil VijayHe has also done a good job. Great work has also been done at the technical level. The first half feels more like scissors in the collection. But, it doesn’t hurt the main story. Even in terms of cinematography, the movie tries to show everything from ‘Bird’s Eye View’ to panorama on the screen