Madonna posts a series of very hot photos: her unbelieving fans

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This Thursday, November 25, the American singer ignited Instagram by posting very daring pictures where she poses in lingerie. The series of ten photos divides his fans.

She has accumulated over a million likes in less than 24 hours. Madonna ignited the web this Thursday, November 25, by posting photos of her very sexy on her Instagram account. In these photos, the American star is dressed in a set of black lingerie with a pair of dizzying heels on her feet.

The singer poses around a bed in what appears to be a bedroom. Above her: a statue of an angel enthroned. It is besides the object of its legend: “An angel watches over me”, writes the singer. The poses, each sexier than the next, nevertheless divide his fans. If on the one hand flames and glowing comments follow one another – “The sexiest woman on earth” -, on the other, it is dismay: “Ridiculous”, “Why?” “What is happening to you?”