Maggie, closer to becoming Alpha on ‘the Walking Dead’

The episode ‘Promises Broken’ (11 × 07) has laid the groundwork for the end of the first part of the final season, but it is also interesting to analyze the evolution of Lauren Cohan.

The seventh episode of the season 11 of The Walking Dead, ‘Promises Broken’ (11×07), has hosted one of the most anticipated but also most interesting conversations you would expect from zombie fiction. Maggie and Negan, natural enemies and sentenced to maintain their bad relationship for life, showed viewers that, In the survival game, there are not so many victims and villains as a (not always) “lawful” strategy of carrying out the actions that are necessary in order to stay alive. Just what Maggie intends to do in her current mission and for what He has not hesitated to implement practices in the purest style of the Whisperers and that have brought to the surface “the Alpha within him”.

They did it through a sparse crossing of words in which recalled two of the key moments in the war between Alexandria and the Sanctuary in the seventh and eighth seasons of the series. Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) recalled in the presence of Maggie (Lauren Cohan) that Rick and his people had attacked a group of Saviors while they slept and ended their lives without mercy, while the former leader of Hilltop reminded him, in clear reference to Glenn, that he had also “murdered people who had families and you did it in front of their families.”

‘The Walking Dead’ addresses the most anticipated conversation between Maggie and Negan: “I would have killed you all”

Negan’s reflection made us think: “The world is different now, Maggie. Fewer people to fight for and with. There are fewer things to fight for.” And even more so, when He recognized that if he had been able to do things differently, what he would have done would have been to kill them all.

“Not all the people who were part of the Saviors were bad people. In general, the Saviors did a lot of bad things, but there were a lot of normal people who lived in the Sanctuary and whom the Saviors weren’t treating well, no way. , but he kept them alive for a long time, “reflects series ‘showrunner’ Angela Kang. So, When she brought up this unrepentant part of the dialogue to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, he not only agreed, but admitted that he would have thought the same as the character.

However, we must not forget that, if we look back and remember the terror and subjugation with which Negan’s henchmen lived in the Sanctuary, Negan earned the status of maximum villain for behaviors much worse than trying to support his people. alive as a mere good strategist. None of that, Negan.

Maggie, closer to being Alpha?


What we do have to admit is that when certain actions are performed by one of our heroes, the same action can be viewed differently. We have already experienced it more than once and twice with Carol (Melissa McBride) – who was judged by her peers but not so much by the audience – and a bit we have to admit it with Maggie as well, that in the last episode, ‘Promises Broken ‘(11×07), he has used some of the techniques of that nasty group led by the character of Samantha Morton.

Willing to attack Meridian, once her home and where the Whisperers now reside, to secure much-needed supplies in Alexandria, Maggie has determined that the best way to do so is by driving a horde of undead there. wipe out everything and everyone. Glenn’s widow learns from Negan how to make the masks that so characterized the Whisperers and, with them, to move among the walkers from whom she had always fled. In order to bring the horde to Meridian and free it there to finish them all, it is so effective that Maggie doesn’t even hesitate to go through with it. Without thinking twice which people will fall when the walkers cross the walls of what was their home.

Has Maggie taken out “the Alpha in her?” With many quotes, of course, since Maggie will never reach that villain status, but she certainly has not hesitated to defeat her enemies by becoming the enemies she once had.

“The idea came out of a discussion in the writers room,” Kang explains to Entertainment Weekly about Maggie’s decision to use Alpha’s strategies. “And one of the things that we talk about is that with each group that they come across, they all have slightly different tactics. […] I don’t think they think the Whisperers are really a healthy way to do something, but they have too few to take on a tough bunch. “

“At this point, whatever they have learned in the course of the apocalypse is fair game for them to use as a tactic if it helps the larger cause,” Kang says. Will the rest of the viewers of The Walking Dead?

The eighth episode ‘For Blood’ (11 × 08) is the last of the first part of the final season and it will premiere next Sunday, October 10 on AMC and simultaneously on FOX Spain, which will premiere the dual version the next day.