Magic and a (not so perfect) family star in ‘Encanto’, the new Disney movie that restores optimism

Set in Colombia, the animated film by Byron Howard and Jared Bush hits theaters on November 26 and features a performance by Maluma and magnificent musical themes by Carlos Vives, Sebastián Yatra and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

In the middle of a magical valley trapped between protective mountains lives the Madrigal family. But it is not just any family, but a clan made up of three generations whose magic and gifts allow its members to take care of their people and their own. Strength, the gift of healing, the ability to ward off storms or speak the language of animals are some of them. And all the Madrigal add up to guarantee magic. Although, as usual, the family is not always as perfect as we would like. And this aphorism is also appreciated in the case of the Madrigal. Because Mirabel, the protagonist of Charm, is the only Madrigal without a gift. Although no one understands it. Or is it that perhaps no one has been able to see which one is yours? Or perhaps your gift consists precisely in being different?

This is the premise of the new Disney Animation Studios film, a marvel of color, music and joy set in Colombia, the cradle of magical realism and a land where life cannot be understood without music. In fact, it is practically impossible to leave the film without singing some of the musical themes of the film, which invites the viewer to reconcile with the universe. to the rhythm of bachata by Carlos Vives, reggaeton or a ballad by Sebastián Yatra. And behind the music of the film we also find Lin-Manuel Miranda, producer of Hamilton or responsible for the music of Vaiana. And even Maluma, although this time it will not be as a singer, but as an interpreter in the role of Miguel, fiancé of Isabela, one of the daughters of the Madrigal family.

The story that tells us Charm, directed by Byron Howard and Jared Bush (Zootropolis), is what happens when the magic of the Madrigal begins to fail and the matriarch of the clan, the grandmother, blames it on Mirabel, the protagonist. However, it is she who has the key to save your family and bring the magic back to your home and town. But how will you do it without a gift? This is the adventure that a very special protagonist must face in a film full of fascinating female characters, who dismantle many clichés -such as the strong Luisa- and show that things are never what they seem, as is the case with the pluper-perfect Isabela, Mirabel’s sister, capable of making everything in her path blossom.

‘Encanto’: Meet the extraordinary Madrigal family in the first preview of the new Disney

To what extent do you know your family?

“We thought it was great to tell a story where there were not just two leads, but a large extended family,” explains Byron Howard, Oscar®-winning director for Zootropolis. “We wanted to pay tribute and also try to understand how dynamics work in large families. To what extent do we know our families? To what extent do they know us?

For his part, Jared Bush, co-director and co-writer of Charm as it happened in Zootropolis and also scriptwriter of Vaiana, adds that the film also delves into how others see us and how that conditions us. “It’s a story about how members of our family do not always see how we are or really understand us. Just like us, we don’t let the people we love see how we are, ”he reasons. “Our story tells how a girl, a member of a family, feels that her family does not know her. But in the end she learns to know her whole family and, ultimately, to know herself. “

Maribel represents us all

And that’s not all, since Mirabel, a small and smiling young woman with kinky hair, huge brown eyes, little glasses and a perennial smile, represents us all. “She is the normal member of her family, made up of extraordinary and magical people,” says Bush. “Many of us may be surrounded by superstars in our lives and feel intimidated; we can suffer from imposter syndrome. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve accomplished in life. There is always someone who does it better or has gone further. Mirabel is that character with whom we can all identify ”.

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Over time, Mirabel has accepted with a smile that, for some reason, she did not receive any magical power on her fifth birthday. And, since then, he has devoted himself body and soul to his own. “Mirabel likes to please others “adds co-director and co-writer Charise Castro Smith, also known for being a screenwriter for The curse of Hill House. “Since he has no gift, he makes up for it with his smile. She has always told herself that she fits into the family dynamic. But deep down he knows it’s not true. So she is determined to change things. He will have to learn to value himself and to find his place in this family ”.

Charm the next one lands in theaters 26 november and it comes to reconcile us with ourselves and make us all dance and sing until the body endures.