MAINTENANCE. Filming in the Lot, Stéphane Plaza: “it’s a real discovery for me Figeac”

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While filming “Meurtres à Figeac”, the very popular Stéphane Plaza enthusiastically talks about this new experience and the charm of the city.

What attracted you to this TV movie project?

The scenario obviously because there is more than a murder. The series makes you discover a lot of regions and is above all very popular. I find that we also learn a lot from the “Murders in…”. I was seduced. Being a gendarme, a military counter-employment with a character who is not necessarily funny, a little tormented, it reminded me of “I lost Albert” (2018 film directed by Didier Van Cauwelaert, Editor’s note). There are a lot of twists and turns, that’s what I liked. And then I’ll be very honest with you: France 3. Being called for a casting and getting it right when it’s not on your channel is always encouraging.

What interested you in the role: it is to wear the uniform of gendarme?

I am lucky to be a volunteer firefighter, to have a uniform which is not bad either and to work closely together in the 11th district in Paris. We’re even going to do a program for the pupils. So it was not a fantasy to have the uniform. What I liked was going to a region, cutting back for three weeks. For me, that’s an important focus because when I decide to do something, I go all out. Here I can tell you that for a week there has not been a call on real estate, not an announcement reading. I have worked a lot before, you always have to be ready when you do several activities […] To see if I was credible, I asked for the uniform to be lent to me four or five days before the start of filming. And in Paris, I stopped a few cars and the uniform was scary… I needed to feel good in it, to be comfortable in the process.

Is the real estate agent sensitive to the city’s heritage?

For now, I’m locking myself in a bubble. that means that I do not make any return trip to Paris. The real estate agent side of Stéphane Plaza is gone. I will allow myself two or three days at the end to go and see the stones because I always had the impression that the stones, that the houses spoke to me. I am rather spoiled because it is an unusual city, beautiful and sunny.

Did you know Figeac? You do not have an agency in the Lot …

It’s a real discovery for me Figeac. I saw two, three agencies that offered me. Am I going to come and set up an agency? I don’t know because I think that I will often come back to Figeac to rest […] Personally, I did not know the Lot but actually the interest is that I am there, I discuss, I meet people, I am not very shy, I am very focused when I play but I am also very accessible. . My network has 622 agencies, we decided to increase to 800 or even 900. It is very possible that I will soon arrive in the Lot. Will I get to Figeac itself? I saw a small agency on the square there …

Have you not gone to settle in Brittany?

No, I went to shoot in Brittany. I look, I open up a little for a foothold … but I did not know Figeac, a crush can happen anywhere. I hope to caress a somewhat secondary house in a few years, even two or three years.