MAINTENANCE. The Lotois Jordan Mouillerac resumes service in Dancing with the stars: “Eva is the opposite of Bilal”

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Since Friday, September 9, and for the second year in a row, Jordan Mouillerac has been on Dance with the Stars as a professional dancer on TF1. After Bilal Hassani, he accompanies Eva Queen. The child from Labastide-Marnhac who passed through the Montat club has come a long way…

How was the meeting with Eva Queen, your new partner?

The chemistry went straight through, we get on well. It promises a great meeting for the future. It’s a completely different personality from that of Bilal Hassani who was with me last year. She has a handicap in the back, a scoliosis operated four years ago of which she keeps an iron bar and eighteen screws along the spine. His back is blocked like a board. Another difficulty, she has never danced. But that’s what’s good about Dancing with the Stars, is that you have to be ready for anything.

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How will you work with her to overcome this handicap?

I have to find ways to get through the curves in the back. In fact, everything has to be worked on. She never used her body, neither for dancing nor for sports. He is someone who is ashamed to dare and express himself. She is very reserved and very shy. The challenge with her will be to develop the interpretation. It is totally the opposite of Bilal who was not afraid to interpret. Eva, she has a big lack of confidence despite her habit of the scene. She has not left her “bad girl” domain. And then, she is only 21 years old.

You are preparing an Argentinian tango for Friday’s show. What do you expect from Eva?

I ask him to do a lot of technical work on his legs and his dynamism. She was a little too soft during the last primes. So this week I was tougher on her. Now that she has the choreography, we focus on the interpretation, it’s essential. She has to fit into a character.

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Who are your main competitors?

All ! There are very good dancers like Billy Crawford and Carla Lazzari. Stéphane Legar is also very comfortable and Florent Peyre has eight years of modern jazz behind him. Our main competitor is Eva herself. If she manages to have the click, I can take her on artistic choreographies at the top.

What has changed in a year since your participation in season 11 of Dancing with the stars?

I am now part of the D’pendanse troupe and the Big Tour which organizes a summer tour. I developed many workshops across France in partnership with dance schools. I am currently thinking about a personal project. Since Dancing with the Stars, my career has taken a new turn. I also have more self-confidence. I gained visibility and I receive a lot of requests for projects around dance. For after Dancing with the Stars, I’m going to take acting lessons, the profession of actor tempts me.

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Will the people of Lot have the chance to dance with you one day?

Dance schools approach me, it would make me very happy to come back to my hometown. I always think of a big event on Place Gambetta where I could bring my dance troupe and organize workshops.