Malaga Festival 2023: ‘A life not so simple’, an ode to the art of small details and the pathos of egos

Furthermore, in the Málaga Premiere section out of competition, the film starring Karra Elejalde, ‘Kepler Sexto B’, has been presented.

alex zea

not so simple lifethe new work by Félix Viscarret (Don’t look into my eyes, Motherland) has been in charge of giving the starting signal to the Official Section on the fourth day of the celebration of the Malaga Film Festival. One of the big surprises of the day was the film starring Karra Elejalde, Kepler Sexto B, as part of the Málaga Premiere.


Félix Viscarret directs and signs the script for A Not So Simple Life, his new feature film starring Miki Esparbé, Álex García, Ana Polvorosa and Olaya Caldera, which captures with astonishing naturalness the work frustrations that break into personal life like a meteorite. the deconstruction of the egos and insecurities that arouse the impostor syndrome.

Gone is that promising future that everyone predicted for Isaias (Esparbé), after receiving one of the most important architecture awards. Ten years later, Isaías’s life is not as he had imagined. His professional frustrationAdded to the parental life with which he sometimes cannot feel very comfortable, it produces an excessive longing for his previous life.

The title of Viscarret has a great script on which the interpretations of the protagonists are based, who, being so different from each other, they make a perfect tandem. From the marriage that is about to fall under his own weight, like the partner who doesn’t know what to do with his life and lives more in the past than in the present.

A not-so-simple life is a film with nuances that plays with leaving different themes throughout the footage hidden from the main one, but that reach the viewer directly without holding back and leaving you unarmed. Beyond trying to teach lessons or try to champion one side or another, the length lets it you identify with each of the characters or with some situation; and I assure you that it is very difficult not to find one.

The dynamics between its protagonists is the key, with Esparbé as the common thread, for whom the game of egos suits him very well and the descent into hell leaving (almost) unscathed, too. Even though Isaiah is the main character, temperance and role of female characters It serves as the perfect balance to the plot, creating synergies that are very difficult to find on other occasions.


During the official section out of competition Málaga Premiere, it has surprised the public with the projection of Kepler Sixth Bdirected by Alejandro Suárez Lozano and starring Karra Elejalde and Daniela Pezzotti Moliner.

The film tells the story of zaida, a girl who lives with her stepfather and after losing her mother her life has never been the same. In her own block, one floor above, she lives Jonás, a man who has created his imaginary world believing that his flat is a spaceship on a strange and faraway planet.

This film is the debut of Suárez behind the cameras, who years ago presented his shorts at this same festival. The images of Elejalde dressed as an astronaut already suggested that, of course, there would be hints of fantasy in the length, however, nothing compared when you see in the first sequence the prefab spaceship in the house of Jonás, the character of Elejalde.

The production design of this scenario is completely spectacular. Every minute that the camera lands on this location, you are seconds away from noticing every galactic detail generated by a heater, a crate of eggs or a console steering wheel.

Although the title, at times, may be too fanciful, Elejalde’s performance keeps the film grounded and the help take off in the second half of the footage. The duet that forms with Pezzotti, who makes her debut as an actress in the featuremakes you also enter his mood Commander and Captain and forget about everything for a moment.