Malaga Festival 2023: ‘Els Encantats’ dazzles in the competition with the impressive performance of Laia Costa

In addition, during this third day, the comedies ‘Under therapy’ and ‘Los buenos modales’ have been presented in the Official Section.

The Enchanted

Excitement in movie form has reached the Malaga Film Festival during the third day of the 26th edition with the presentation of The Enchantedthe new film directed by Elena Trapé starring Laia Costa that compete in the Official Section. In addition, today Bajo terapia and Bajo terapia have also been presented Good mannerswho have put the key of humor in the contest.


The Enchanted follow irene (Laia Costa), a woman who has broken up with her partner and who now has to deal with joint custody of her daughter. Heartbroken, the protagonist tries to seek refuge in a small town in the Pyrenees where she will return to her past to face her present.

Elena Trapewho is directing and co-writing the script with Miguel Ibanez Monroy, unravels thread by thread the separation of a mother from her daughter after breaking up with her partner. Lost and without finding her place anywhere or with anyone around her, Irena travels to Antist, the town where she spent her summers and where she has a house as a home.

Low a landscape as overwhelming as it is captivating, The viewer goes through with the protagonist the feeling of suffering due to the separation, but also of frustration at feeling that she cannot manage a situation that she herself knew was going to happen.

The director does not stop at the spaces nor fear the silences, who embrace the protagonist so as not to leave her defenseless in the face of the trauma she is going through and for which she does not know how to escape unscathed. Each walk through the town or each route in the mountains is one more step towards the rediscovery of who is the real irene And how did it get to that point?

In addition, the central theme, the interesting thing about The Enchanted is how you find small subtopics that are born from a comment, a phrase or a gesture of Costa’s character or even from the rest of the characters. Since the issues of the maternal relations to masculine stereotypes going through the migration from cities to towns.

Everything fits and everything becomes yours in The Enchanted. The film is as authentic as it is uncomfortable, it gives you a truth from which you can’t escape, and all this from the hand of a spectacular Laia Costa that with just a glance at the horizon manages to take you to an uninhabited space in you, like that small crack where the little creatures of the legend of Els Encantats hide.


The second comedy that has been presented during the 3rd day of the festival has been Good mannersthe second feature film by Marta Díaz de Lope Díaz, who won the Audience Award at the Malaga Festival in 2018 for his first film My dear brotherhood. Once again, she recounts with Gloria Muñoz, Carmen Flores Sandoval and Pepa Aniorte to give shape to the story of a broken family with comedy overtones.

These three actresses are joined by Elena Irureta (‘Patria’), who forms the quartet on which the plot of this film revolves. The central axis is based on the life of two sisters, Manuela and Rosario, who after an event with the husband of one of them causes them to separate completely. But years after the death of himthe lives of both become intertwined due to the peculiar connection that arises between their grandchildren.

The film drinks from comedy despite the fact that it captures the drama that exists between two families and the damage that it has caused between them over the years, from their sisters to their own children and that currently even reaches their children. .

However, under the role of these four women and the sorrow that can result, this story becomes the complete opposite. One of the great surprises is Iruretathat if you followed her in Patria, you cannot stop seeing her in this registry and also being the protagonist.