‘Maligno’: The films of the horror genre from which the film drinks

James Wan is in charge of directing the new horror movie from Warner Bros .. Now in theaters!

Evil one It is the new horror title directed by James Wan, and much of the critics have cataloged the film as a tribute from the filmmaker to the genre. In addition to having a truly chilling story, the film draws on different scary movies that have been with us for all these years. On these lines, do not miss the video review of the film by Alejandro G. Calvo, and then we review the genre nods that appear in the film.

Warner Bros. Pictures’ new horror feature follows Madison, a woman who sees murders in her dreams, but that more than being nightmares are real deaths. Little by little she will discover the reason for those nightmares that haunt her day and night. its past has returned to reach it and now more than ever he must face his inner demons if he wants to survive.

‘Maligno’ is a film so multireferential to the different types of terro cinema, to so many directors, to so many films

Dario Argento is one of the filmmakers James Wan has cited for inspiration to create the film, with films such as Inferno (1980), Tenebre (1982), Phenomena (1985) and Opera (1987). The cinema Wan has cited is from the 80s, although in the 70s it has great classic works of horror movies. On the other hand is the filmmaker Mario Bava, on the gender side Yellow, with some of his tapes like Six women for the killer (1967), An ax for the honeymoon (1970) the Blood bay (1971). Another of the directors that Wan’s work seems to be based on is that of the director Brian de Palma. In which Calvo finds references in Evil one from movies like Double body (1984).

But there are two films that are closer to Evil one in this first part of the feature, such as: Sisters (1972) and In the Name of Cain (1992). Further away from the yalo as a concept and idea, in the first part of the film Calvo highlights other films such as: The Eyes of Laura Mars by Irvin Kershner (1978). In a matter of environment we point out the film Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) by Wes Carven. In reference to the mythical murderer who cannot be caught or identified, Calvo cites another Carven tape as Shocker, 100,000 volts of terror.

‘Maligno’ is a very visceral experience. It uses nostalgia not as an element to seduce the viewer but as an element to expand the limits of the film itself

Coming to the second half of the movie, Evil one takes a turn and becomes a “Monster Movie”, in the words of Alejandro G. Calvo. Here, more focused on the monster or strange creature that begins to appear we can cite tapes such as Chromosome 3 (1979) by David Cronenberg or Inseparable (1988), referring to the brothers. More throwing the original blockbuster we quote the director of Return from the fifth dimension (1978), William Girdler, “with plot points tremendously similar to those of Maligno“.