Many projects in his production company and acting until the age of 80: Kerem Bürsin talks about his future

The actor has already said goodbye to ‘Love is in the air’, the Turkish series that has made him known internationally.

Kerem Bürsin has said goodbye to Serkan Bolat in Love is in the air that launched him to international fame. It has been a year and a half of hard work, with long hours of recording and no time to dedicate to other projects. Now that the filming of the Turkish soap opera has finished, a horizon full of possibilities opens up and, although the actor is taking time to rest and reflect, he has not stopped working.

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One of the tasks he is dedicating more time to is his production company, Braveborn, with which he is developing several projects. In a recent interview with SHE Turkey, the actor has spoken about his work as a producer and the goals they have as professionals. “We will make a movie about the last story from Ahmet Ümit’s book Love is Dog, your script is almost finished. We have been working on Cevrimdisi Ask de Sebnem Burcuoglu”, reveals Bürsin, “In addition, we have a series of projects that we have been working on for 3 and a half years with my director of Exactly, Exactly, Osman Kaya, and I’m also very excited about that. There are also some works that I have read in digital format, but nothing is clear yet. “

In his company they do not seek to make productions as if it were an assembly line, but to develop stories with care and great care. “Our concern (and our luxury) is not to get on set as soon as possible, but to set the story and script exactly how we want to. It is very important to us that our scripts are adequate, correct and goodWe are in a process where we are currently working on this. “

Bürsin has made a recap of everything he has experienced in 2020 and 2021. For him it has been a beautiful reward for his years of hard work and he is very happy to be able to dedicate himself to the acting profession. “It’s a great feeling to work and get rewarded for my hard work. Sometimes in our profession, both don’t happen at the same time. I’ve also had short jobs where I loved the story of my own character and I think they were very successful in terms of production. Acting is my job, and as long as I do it, I’ll be happy, “he says in SHE.

In fact, he assures that, if he can, his dream is “to be able to do this job in the most beautiful and enjoyable way until the age of 70-80”.

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