Marc-Olivier Poingt: a genius and his guests at the Agen theater

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Marc-Olivier Poingt performs to sold-out crowds this Saturday at the Agen theater, surrounded by internationally renowned artists. The next day, he will be alongside Barcelona’s Carolina… at his home at the Tannerie. Meet a genius!

Small, Marc-Olivier Poingt slept comfortably under the piano of his dad Patrice while he gave lessons. Between two sessions, Patrice hoisted Marc-Olivier onto the stool and helped him put his little finger on a key. A sound, then another, and several.
At 6 years old, when Marc-Olivier entered the conservatory of Agen, he already knew how to play the piano. “At the conservatory, I learned academic piano. However, the pleasure of improvisation did not leave me.
Marc-Olivier Poingt, born in 1997 in Agen, never wanted to enter a category of pianist, musician because he plays several instruments. “Several times, people wanted me to choose a style. I refused to enter the Madrid Conservatory because I would have had to devote myself only to classical. Impossible to lock myself in. I had to fight for a long time and I am very proud now to be able to defend this musical diversity.

The infinite musical universe so dear to Marc-Olivier

That’s what makes his paw. Jazz, classical, Latin music… Marc-Olivier goes from one to another, mixes with each other, his universe seems infinite and never constrained by hypothetical partitions.
“All musicians should learn to play the piano first. The piano is the base, the universal instrument. Orchestral, intimate, alone, in accompaniment… And then, it is also a presence, a soul, made with the wood of hundred-year-old trees. The relationship between an instrument and an instrumentalist touches on the sacred. There is my piano, installed there, in my studio, and there are all the other pianos that I meet in concert, in different places. When I arrive in the room, it’s the first thing I see, there on stage, waiting for me. I approach, I touch it… It is he who will allow me to convey my emotions. I discover it, each one is unique, has its own sound. It’s a bit like asking him “who are you?” and we get to know each other. Depending on the places in the world, the instruments are different, have their own subtleties. But deep down inside, they remain the same. A bit like men after all!
Not so long ago, Marc-Olivier Poingt was the guest “the little young person we present” he jokes. Now he’s the one inviting!
He has won many competitions, won many prestigious prizes, graduated from Berklee College of Music… He has played all over the world and this is just the beginning. A few days ago, he was on tour in Brazil, notably with percussionist Pedrinho Augusto and American bassist Brandon Atwell. Both will be in Agen on Saturday evening.

On stage with “his Agenaise family”

Because on Saturday evening, on the stage of the Ducourneau theatre, Marc-Olivier, known as MarcO, returns for an evening of sharing with his audience, with his musicians, with “his Agenaise family” of artists from different backgrounds.
Including the singer Béatrice Uria-Monzon. “Béatrice, I remember when I was little, I watched television and my parents told me, you see this singer is from Agenaise. I was lucky enough to be able to meet several artists from all over the world to perform at La Tannerie, the venue my father opened. This is also why I value this diversity so much. Béatrice Uria-Monzon, I admired her. And she has become an artistic mother, shows me a lot of kindness. We put on a recital together and we have several dates to come. When I asked her to participate in the evening this Saturday, she did not hesitate. She will even step out of her domain. The entire evening will be very eclectic: opera, jazz, Latin… More than thirty musicians from the CRDA orchestra will be present and will revisit some of my compositions. It’s a sharing, friendships. I have admiration for all the artists who will come. I am so happy to offer this at home, in Agen.”
Impossible to forget Marc-Olivier Poingt when we saw and heard him play once. His whole being is in motion. He is one of those musical geniuses who offer much more than symphonies to the public. His body and his soul use music to transmit emotions, energy, like a fluid of life, of knowledge.
“Pianist Omar Sosa says of music that it is experienced, that it passes through dance, that one cannot transmit while remaining frozen. And it’s true, I play the piano… actively!

Marc-Olivier Poingt this Sunday also at La Tannerie with Carolina Alabau

For those who could not get a place for Saturday evening, Marc-Olivier will be at La Tannerie this Sunday with his trio of musicians and singer and composer Carolina Alabau.

According to Marc-Olivier Poingt, Carolina Alabau is “one of the rising voices of the Spanish scene”, a real favorite for the artist from Agenais who performs, with his trio of musicians, alongside the Barcelonnaise, this Sunday at the La Tannerie room. And unlike the Agen theatre, it’s not yet complete!
“Carolina presents her latest album, “Una Frase Imaginada”, produced by the famous Spanish producer Javier Limón (Buika, Paco de Lucía, Diego el Cigala, Bebo Valdés, etc). This album flies between the sounds of Spanish and Latin folklore from a very current and avant-garde prism.
Carolina Alabau, singer and songwriter, comes from a family of musicians and lives her love for music from an early age. Graduated with a degree in jazz and modern vocals, she received a scholarship to study the master’s degree in contemporary performance at the University of Berklee College of Music.
This is where Marc-Olivier Poingt met him.
Carolina Alabau accompanied by the Trio Marc Olivier Poingt, this Sunday January 29 at 5 p.m., at La Tannerie, 20 rue Cajarc in Agen, Tel. 05 53 68 04 04