Marcel Amont: “I want to be has been, but not out of date!”

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At 92, the singer of Pyrenean origin Marcel Amont was rotating in a cage during confinement. He then embarked on a new business, the novel, with “Adieu la belle Marguerite”.

In the living room of the white villa in the heights of Saint-Cloud, reached by crossing the Seine to the west of Paris, it is a bearded Marcel Amont who welcomes us on Christmas Eve. Does the singer of the hits of the 70s sacrifice to the hairy fashion of show biz?

“Not at all,” said his wife Marlene, running her hand through his white hair, “it’s to hide the wound on his chin that he made when he fell, you don’t think that gives him a little air of feeling. ‘Henri IV?! “. Gallant green, Marcel is undoubtedly, he, the native Béarnais born in Bordeaux on April 1, 1929, moved to Paris at the age of 20 fishing for songs. Before finding his inimitable light style, he copied his idols Yves Montand, Georges Ulmer and Maurice Chevalier, of which he keeps an autographed hat under one of the twentieth century canvases that light the walls.

Deprived by the confinement of jogging as much as of sung talks, the interpreter of “Love, it makes time pass” has found a new way to pass it, writing. After the “Behind the scenes of my life”, written with four hands with his son Mathias Miramon (brilliant and discreet artist), the one who is a few months ahead of Hugues Aufray for the title of dean of the song, released his first novel: “Adieu the beautiful Marguerite “*. This story of adventure and love from the Aspe Valley is being reprinted after a first print out of print.

A tube is an earworm

“I want to be a has been, since I am no longer the one who was, but not an old man,” warns Marcel Amont, “This book brings me a lot, because it puts me back in the spotlight a little, but I put a lot of effort into it, I went over three cubic meters of documentation to be sure I didn’t make any mistakes “. With the story of Cazamayou, son of a mountain dweller in love with an intrepid young girl with particles, whom the Second World War separates and nevertheless brings together, the author turns a page in the history of France and its upheavals.

Apprentice pilot who will pound German planes on the Landes coast (proven feats of arms in history), “Caza” shares a passion for the air with the singer-songwriter, who flew from one gala to another over the years. 60 at the handle of his own plane.

“You will not have a retirement”

The conversation landed on his career… “Songs, I wrote lots of them, but those which marked the public are not mine!” The Mexican “is Aznavour,” Le chapeau de Mireille “to me. was given by Brassens, “Bleu-blanc-blond” is an adaptation of an American success. If I know how to dress to measure, to stage characters, I did not know how to write a tube… A tube, it is like worms which enter the ear and make their hole there without your knowledge “.

The music hall artist who filled the Olympia and was a subscriber to the shows of Maritie and Gilbert Carpentier before being ousted by the wave yéyé, has never known a real crossing of the desert. “I was no longer on the Parisian stages, but I continued to tour in the provinces, he recalls, and my visual aspect opened the doors to me abroad, I recorded in eight languages, I I even lived in Rome for a year where I had my credits on Studio Uno! “

Standing in front of the bay window, the Eiffel Tower in a straight line, Marcel Amont remembers his first artist’s room, on the 8th floor without a lift. Arrived from Bordeaux, his father’s railwayman caught his breath, gently worrying: “But, my little Marcel, you will not have a pension!” He was right: the son has started a new romance.

Farewell the beautiful Marguerite

Farewell the beautiful Marguerite
Editions Cairn

Ed. Cairn, 158 pages, 15 euros.