Master movie download by the website Kuttymovies, Khatrimaza

Master movie download by the website Kuttymovies, Khatrimaza

A master can say a master’s lesson does not mean that no one will actually get the message. No matter how hard he tries, if the message is not said correctly then it will not get to the intended audience well. The same happened with the movie ‘Master’.

‘Master’ is a movie directed by Lokesh Kanakaraj and starring Vijay Sethupathi as the villain. A film that was produced by Xavier Britto under the banner of XB Film Creators, set to be released in April last year.

A halt has been put in place for closing theaters due to lockdown. The wallpapers were unveiled on January 13th as a gift amid huge expectations overall.

Master movie download

This film has been released in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, and Hindi worldwide. Let’s see in the review if this master who gives more lessons gets high marks.

The film Bhavani (Vijay Sethupathi) revolves around 17-year-old Bhavani’s father and mother being brutally burned to death in front of his very eyes by three union leaders from the negative community.

In the event Bhavani is in any danger, his parents will testify with Bhavani that his leg was killed in the fire. He will be sent to a juvenile facility for another crime.

A personality development professor at the college, Jedi (Vijay), has a serious following among students despite their differences with the management. Telling lessons in the morning.

His daily routine is to stay in bed until six in the morning and fill his stomach with something other than food. He is suspended from college often because of some conflict. Students in college should hold elections.

It is Jedi who witnessed elections taking place in disagreement with management. However, he left the college for three months as a consequence of the clash that took place on the day of the election result.

A young director, Lokesh Kanakaraj has made a wonderful film by making the Hero of the story, Karthi, an actor who has less convention and had a very different concept. With a number of heroes in the cast, all the expectations are on the high side.

Although there were high hopes for it, the director did not live up to them with his latest feature ‘Master’. There will be no gain in this story no matter how much mass image there is, no matter how many elevations, no matter how many mass elements there are in this story.

Having to deal with two such big names as Vijay, Vijay Sethupathi.. both of them… is no small task. The director was unable to present these two heroes adequately since However, the masterpiece could not do the ‘master’.

The fact seems to have changed his course and is stuck in a commercial frame. With gigantic introductions, even the master lesson becomes impossible to pass, even with uninteresting builds for the storyline that is fundamentally enjoyable and interesting.

The storyline for the master lesson is good but .. this presentation feels subdued and boring.

The villain was horrendous as Vijay Sethupathi played him in the film. I was impressed at the village’s mass getup. I was impressed with the different depictions of menorrhagia.

His dialogues were very well done. Vijay gave a good performance in his scene with Sethupathi. The climax fight between Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi is good. While the Vijay character is expected, Vijay Sethupathi’s characterization is quirky.

The heroines of this movie are Malvika Mohanan and Andrea. In a commercial movie, the heroine is often put to work, even for the song next to the hero. But there is no such scope for the heroine in ‘Master’.

As Andrea is set to shoot arrows at the villains at the end .. Malvika Mohanan will only be allowed to appear in two or three scenes.

There is no room for the chemistry between hero and heroine. And with all the other characters being Tamil Thambis, they have little connection with each other.

It seems that the ‘master’ as a whole is not so much a masterpiece. Faceoff is okay but .. second off is boring. Good marks for Vijay Sethupathi .. pass marks for Vijay.

The director may get good scores from Tamil audiences but it can be more difficult in Telugu audiences.