‘MasterChef Celebrity 7’ says goodbye as the most accused edition of tongo and with a scuffle that fuels the controversy

Lorena Castell was proclaimed the winner of the seventh edition of ‘celebrities’ of the culinary ‘talent’.


There is already a winner of Master Chef Celebrity 7. After a close duel against Manu Baqueiro, Lorena Castell won the victory thanks to a menu inspired by the trips she made with her brother. However, the leading role of the night was not for the collaborator of Zapping. Despite deserving the title of winner, the spectators of the culinary ‘talent’ accused the “favoritism” of the judges towards Castell From the beginning. In addition, in the subsequent gathering, a scuffle between María Escoté and Patricia Conde fueled the controversy of the previous gala.

The final duel between Castell and Baqueiro already started on the wrong foot. And it is that the “immolation” of Conde in the outdoor test was still in the minds of the spectators and applicants. Of course, during the test, where the duelists had to prepare a three-course menu, the kitchen became the protagonist. The bad vibes and the controversy went to the background for the enjoyment of the fans. The two applicants captivated the judgeswith chefs Jordi Roca and Massimo Bottura as guests, with their dishes full of emotion.

“It’s television, not reality”: Patricia Conde responds to criticism for her attitude in the final of ‘MasterChef Celebrity 7’

Baqueiro’s Galician menu cannot cope with the three dishes full of Castell’s techniques. However, the applicant’s “homemade and traditional” menu impressed the judges and viewers praised his dishes. A fact that has caused great controversy on social networks, since viewers consider that Baqueiro had a better evaluation by the jury than Castell. “You put in techniques and win, no matter the taste and that it reminds you of that home food as Manu has done. It’s not all the fucking cutting edge“complained a user on Twitter.

If something characterizes this edition, it is the accusation of “tongo” that has been on the minds of the spectators every week. According to several users of the social network, from the beginning there was a clear favoritism towards Castell. “all so orchestratedthat the whole program has dazzled me”, confesses a user. And it is that many remember that Castell should have been eliminated a few weeks ago: “let us not forget that if it had not been for the trick that the judges the day LORENA was going to be eliminated (…) Lorena would never have won”.

The scuffle between María Escoté and Patricia Conde

After meeting the winner of ‘MasterChef Celebrity 7’, La 1 de TVE broadcast the secrets of MasterChef: the gathering where the spectators attended one of the moments of the night. The program consisted of a debate between the judges and some of the applicants of the edition: the winner, Manu Baqueiro, María Escoté, Nico Abad, Daniela Santiago, María Zurita, Xavier Deltell and Patricia Conde. Everything was going great until Pepe Rodríguez asked Conde about her fourth place.

Conde was throughout the special answering the questions from the judges with a very ironic tone, and this time he was not going to be less. “What an illusion makes me!” He replied to the judge. “When you guys kicked me out it was so nice I was looking forward to being kicked out again” or “now I look at the images and I think, ‘I did a good job, man!” were other statements he made during the debate. However, the main course came almost at the end of the broadcast.

“Patricia, what happened in that last exterior?” Pepe Rodriguez asked the actress. “It was the worst cooked of the entire edition, we saw you totally lost, after leaving your skin throughout the program, you fell apart in the most important cooking, and it hurt us a lot that it was precisely you, “continued the judge. “I never thought I could be in the final. I said that there were others who deserved to be there more than me. She saw me as I am, a little unruly, a little girl, she was doing the paripé “, Conde replied.

I hadn’t fought that much either, I didn’t see myself in the duel at all

So far so good, since we viewers already knew all this from the message he left on his Instagram. “I didn’t care about being in mourning. However, I wanted Manu to be there so that all those beautiful words would reach her. She was very sleepy, she was exhausted, and I came from hearing a tantrum from María Escoté in the morning. I empathized with her,” Conde added to the surprises of the viewers and the designer’s indignation.

Escoté could not contain himself and immediately answered it. “Look, I don’t know what problem you hadIf you want to tell it, tell it, but I had a tantrum, out of insecurity, I had a terrible time but I wanted to get the jacket. You didn’t stop working for me,” the designer declared angrily. To which Conde replied: “I saw the move and said I’m going to stop.” In this way, the actress once again left viewers with doubts about her change in attitude in the program Something that regrets Jordi Cruz, who stressed that “I will surely remain without knowing it forever.”

Definitely, Master Chef Celebrity 7 has been one of the most controversial editions of the La 1 program and that leaves a doubt in the air. Will Patricia Conde tell one day why the chip change? Meanwhile, social networks are filled with theories about this attitude that do not leave the culinary ‘talent’ in a very good place.

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