Matrix Resurrections: the plots that remain after the outcome of the film

Some details of the new history of the film have remained in the air. How could they possibly continue in the future?

The Matrix saga has returned to theaters with the new installment Matrix Resurrections, directed this time solely by Lana Wachowski. Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss repeat again in their corresponding characters, Neo and Trinity, in a new story that has not left anyone indifferent. If you’ve already seen the movie (if not, be careful, the following lines contain spoilers) you may have noticed that there is more than one plot that has been left open or in the air. Next, we collect some of them.

The new threat of machines

After the sacrifice that Neo made in the last installment, there was a great truce between humans and machines. However, a new internal struggle between the machines began. However, as Niobe revealed to Neo in the new city Io, a new force is beginning to emerge. A force that destroyed Zion and that now the inhabitants of Io and their general fear that it will end up arriving in the new city they have created and breaks into their new way of life.

Where is Agent Smith?

The new agent Smith, played by Jonathan Groff, revealed his intentions during the brutal fight with Neo: he will not be tamed by the psychoanalyst again. Neo’s escape again meant the liberation of this character from the new role that had been assigned to him in the Matrix. After the small truce that he maintains with Neo, that will be the last moment in which there is peace between these two characters. But, since leaving the cafeteria, what are Smith’s intentions now that he is free in the Matrix again?

The fate of the psychoanalyst

Neil Patrick Harris gives life to the psychoanalyst, the origin of all of Neo and Trinity’s problems since they returned to the Matrix against their will. After Neo managed to break free and in turn help Trinity break free, the work and authority of the psychoanalyst in the Matrix met its end. However, in the post-credit scene we see how it has not disappeared, but continues with its work. His knowledge of the history of the protagonists and the human race is more useful than his disappearance from the system.

Neo and Trinity’s new powers

One of the great surprises of this film has been the new great potential of Neo and Trinity together, but especially of Trinity, who has acquired new powers similar to those Neo had at the time and has now recovered, although in a different way. In the post-credits scene starring Neo, Trinity and the psychoanalyst, it can be seen as she (and he) have the power to create the Matrix at will. But how is it going to affect those who live in it and how are they going to deal with the agents?

Many are the unknowns that #MatrixResurrection has left the audience. As well as what will be the fate of the city of Io and its inhabitants now that Neo and Trinity have returned. But above all, what will be his role in the new city of real life.