Matt Negrete, creator of ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’: “We have been very aware of the influence of Jadis on Rick’s story”

Season 2 of fiction premieres with ‘Konsekans’ (2×01), today Monday, October 4 at 11:00 p.m. on AMC Spain.

The second season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond it has just seen the light on the other side of the pond and tonight it lands at AMC Spain with the broadcast of its first episode. One that at the same time is the beginning of the end. The new fiction within the universe of The Walking Dead was conceived from the moment of his commission as a story with a very definite beginning and ending, which would be narrated in two seasons of 10 episodes each and that, after the good reception of the first at the end of 2020, now he faces his final stretch.

The premise of the new universe series created by Robert Kirkman on paper in his comic book series The Walking Dead it introduced us to a very different group of survivors than we had known to date. Unlike Rick, Daryl or Carol, but also Alicia or Victor Strand, in The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead respectively, The protagonists of the second ‘spin-off’ of the zombie franchise are the first generation of a surviving civilization in the post-apocalyptic world.

In the first installment, two sisters and their friends left the safety of their community behind to face all those dangers that the fans of the franchise know so well, while facing the individual transformation typical of their age and that will end up defining them as people and the kind of survivors they want to be. His objective is to find the whereabouts of the father of the two young women, which leads them straight to the MCA, a military community of the most advanced to which he belonged the helicopter that once picked up Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

“The story is growing rapidly,” explains Matt Negrete, the ‘showrunner’ of The Walking Dead: World Beyond on Interview with SensaCine about the second installment that arrives today at AMC Spain. “The first season told of a trip across the country trying to get to a destination and find out what is happening with the CRM. At the end of the season they were practically there and, now that they have arrived and that they have practically reached that destination, the story is more about trying to find each other. And in trying to get back together to end up completely solving what the CRM is doing“.

In season 2, ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ is going to rise to the top in spectacular fashion. There is a lot of action, there is more suspense and there is much more at stake [Matt Negrete]

In addition, the ‘showrunner’ of the series has advanced us many more details about season 2 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, in which we can expect to see a great evolution in the characters and that will feature, in addition to numerous ‘easter eggs’, with the return of Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis to the franchise. This is what he told us.

P. From the beginning you have advanced that this second season is more adult. What character do you enjoy writing the most? Which one would you say has a greater evolution in this new stage?

Matt Negrete. I’m a fan of all the characters, but one of the ones that I find most interesting this second season is Huck (Annet Mahendru). Basically because we spent the entire previous season thinking that she was a person only to find out that she is an ally. That you are not who you say you are despite the fact that you are working for the enemy. And that, as screenwriters, has given us a great opportunity to somehow uncover all those layers and really think of her as a whole new character. Answer who she is, what she wants, and why CRM is so important to her. All those questions are resolved this season and we have had a lot of fun answering them.

And in general, for the rest of the characters, the story is about seeing them grow, it is about seeing them separated from the first moment and trying to discover who they are apart from each other. Hope (Alexa Mansour) is very close to her sister and they have never been apart before. I think this season has given us the perfect opportunity to find out who they are without each other, and find out how they are alike but also how they are different. It’s been a lot of fun exploring that as the season progresses.

Q. How and why did you make the decision for Jadis?

M.N. We had talked for a while about the possibility of bringing Jadis in season 2. Finally, we just thought it was great, because this series lives in the same universe of The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead and the CRM also appears in the other series. We thought it was a very good opportunity to bring back this character who had been so intriguing in The Walking Dead. We saw her with Rick in season 9, aboard a MCA helicopter, and she hadn’t really had a chance to tell what had happened to her from the moment she left and for the six years after, which separate the two. series.

It seemed like a good and unique opportunity to us, because I love Jadis as a character and I love Pollyanna, as a person and as an actress. She is very good and is great to work with.

‘The Walking Dead’ will explore Jadis’ story over the past 6 years in ‘World Beyond’

Q. How was Pollyanna McIntosh’s reaction to learning about the plans?

M.N. She was excited, because she has allowed us to explore a new side of Jadis, a new iteration of her. The idea that Pollyanna found exciting, speaking on her behalf, seemed to be that Jadis is like a chameleon. You can change and become who you need to be in order to survive. We saw her be the leader of the landfill community in The Walking Dead and here it has become something very different. But we will also be able to see the line that connects both. How he became who he was and how that shapes who he is now. Just having the opportunity to play with all of that and work with Pollyanna again has been impressive.

Q. Have you talked to those in charge of the Rick Grimes films to make decisions about the WRC, because, after all, Rick was there?

M.N. Scott Gimple is the head of content for the universe and Rick’s great story is in his domain. He has been very involved in bringing Jadis back and also how we bring her back and what her story would be, because it can influence the story and we have to be aware. I have to say that Scott and I have had a lot of conversations about it, and also with Pollyanna, about the character. And about who he had become, what had happened to him, and what his role was going to be in season 2. We had all the necessary conversations to make this piece of the puzzle fit the overall picture.

Q. Are there more ‘easter eggs’ in season 2? How do you make these decisions knowing that people are looking for constant connections?

M.N. The priority for me is to develop an exciting story with these characters. Last season served to establish these characters, to introduce them and also to this new world in the universe. I really wanted people to connect with them and find out not only where they come from or who they are, but to really connect with them emotionally. Once at that point, now everything revolves more around CRM and how they are going to deal with CRM, so I think that by the nature of the story that we are telling, there are those connections.

There is for everyone. Viewers need not have seen The Walking Dead whole so we can follow the story, but at the same time, those who have been faithful to the universe were important to us. We are aware of this and of course we have left ‘easter eggs’ and some connections with the universe that will be tied little by little. I’m sure fans are going to find them very interesting.

P. Are you sure to finish the series in this second season?

M.N. Both I and everyone on the team have written the story to end. But who knows? It is a very wide universe that will continue to exist after the series ends. So I would never rule out the possibility that some of our characters have the potential to appear elsewhere. In another series, in his own series … But my focus now is on telling a compelling story that this season 2 feels like a denouement. The end of the characters is not necessary, only this episode of their lives.

Q. Which one would you choose to star in your own ‘spin-off’?

Although I’m not thinking about it now, I think there is potential in each of the characters. What has the universe of The Walking Dead is that it is not only about the future. We can tell stories about their pasts and some characters have a very interesting past that could be addressed in their own series. Similarly, not all characters have a future, because people die in this universe.

REMEMBER: The first episode of season 2 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, ‘Konsekans’ (2×01), premieres today, Monday, October 4 at 11:00 p.m. on AMC Spain.

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