Max and Helen are back: Season 4 of ‘New Amsterdam’ already has a premiere date in Spain

The medical fiction starring Ryan Eggold comes to Fox Spain just a month after its premiere in the United States.

New Amsterdam was returning to NBC with its fourth season on September 21And if you are a fan of medical fiction, you will surely be dying to know when you will see how Max and Helen’s relationship continues. You can stop thinking about it, because we can finally get you out of your doubts. The day chosen by Fox Spain for the premiere of the new episodes from the series starring Ryan Eggold and Freema Agyeman It will be next October 27. A date that the chain has announced in its advertising campaign on the marquees of the Madrid capital.

The last episode of the third season left many questions in the air, which will be revealed throughout the new batch of episodes. But without a doubt, one of the most anticipated is what happened between doctors Max Goodwin and Helen Sharp behind that door that closed moments after the expected kiss between them. How it has been seen in one of the promotional videos of this new installment, everything seems to indicate that both are going to do their part to make theirs work. Although we assume that not everything will be as idyllic as perhaps the director of the New Amsterdam had imagined.

More joy and more control?

It is clear that the new batch of episodes is going to be loaded with surprises and new challenges for the entire medical team. As Goodwin himself stated in the first video trailer, one of those challenges will be to seek happiness, after a third season marked by the drama of Covid-19. “This new beginning, try to focus on joy“the head of the oldest public hospital in New York City proclaims excitedly.

The first trailer for season 4 of ‘New Amsterdam’ reveals Max Goodwin’s wishes for this new stage

A philosophy that was already advanced by the ‘showrunner’ of fiction, David Schulner, this past summer. “There will be more joy, more happiness, more love. (…) Our characters will fight to pursue their happiness, find it and keep it“Now we have to wait to see how each of the protagonists will reach her, and how the arrival of Dr. Veronica Fuentes (Michelle Forbes) will affect their lives. One of the new characters in this installment, whose objective will be to restore the order in the New Amsterdam, and rebound disturbing the tranquility of Dr. Goodwin.

Well, you know, I always like to avoid good girl, bad girl themes. But she is a bad girl. And it’s really fun to see someone challenge Max to the point of baffling him

This is how Tyler Labine, the actor who plays Dr. Iggy Frome, defines her in a few words. The head of the psychiatry department seems to be also going to suffer the consequences of Fuentes joining the team, and perhaps he should postpone his desire not to see another consultation – as he announced in the final episode of season 3. From If so, it may not be so easy for you to achieve that happiness Schulner refers to.

Max Goodwin’s plans for the ‘New Amsterdam’ are in jeopardy with the arrival of the new “bad girl” in season 4

In this new stage, the head of the emergency room, Dr. Bloom (Janet Montgomery), will also face a great challenge with the entry of her partner, Leyla, into her team of residents. It remains to be known not only what their relationship will be like in the work environment, but also if Bloom had something to do with the incorporation of Leyla to the hospital staff.

For Floyd (Jocko Sims), the former head of cardiac surgery, that happiness will depend, in part, on the last word of Dr. Lyn (Frances Turner), who decided to start an extramarital affair with her partner. A decision that may have to be declined with the arrival of her husband to the hospital, to fill the position of director of surgery.

He begins to cross out the days on the calendar, and marks in next October 27, the date on which Fox Spain will premiere season 4 of New Amsterdam.