Mayim Bialik recounts having suffered a high level of anxiety while filming ‘The Big Bang Theory’

The actress, who was away from acting for a while after ‘Blossom’, acknowledges that she is not good at improvisation and that she is given to suffer blockages.

The unforgettable comedy The Big Bang Theory It marked the return of Mayim Bialik to the small screen in a regular role after starring in the mythical Blossom for years, but, in addition to a most rewarding experience in her acting career, The actress recognizes that her passage through the long-lived ‘sitcom’ was deeply marked by her high levels of anxiety. As you will remember, Bialik was the one chosen to step into the skin of Amy Farrah Fowler. la novia de Sheldon, in the season 3 finale of the ‘sitcom’ and subsequently became a regular.

As explained by Bialik in his own web series, Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown, it didn’t matter that The Big Bang Theory It was a fun comedy in which the fixed members of the cast and crew functioned as one big family. Already used to suffering from anxiety on a regular basis and more especially when it comes to moments when you have to throw improvisation, working as a regular on a sitcom was especially difficult for her.

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What’s more, According to the interpreter, her work did not always fit in with what the director of Big Bang expected of her at that time or for that scene and being in front of a live audience made things even worse.

“With everything related to acting, my level of anxiety while performing is very very high. It is a high level of anxiety,” says Bialik. “And when I’ve tried to do things like improvise, things that are freer, I freeze. I literally freeze. It’s like a lump in my throat instantly … I stand and tears come to my eyes, as if I wanted to cry. “

I have spent a lot working on ‘The Big Bang Theory’, at certain times they wanted me to say a phrase in a certain way and I would say: ‘OK. I’ll do it in the next take. ‘ And he did, but it was still not okay. And the audience ain’t laughing and they knew it ain’t funny

“I can do four or five takes before my throat starts to do that,” Bialik finished explaining in reference to his moment of definitive blockage.

Fortunately, Mayim Bialik was surrounded by a great team of friends and colleagues who made everything easier for her, but we must bear in mind that the actress, after Blossom, he took a fairly long break before reverting to acting. During those years, the interpreter went to university, graduated in neuroscience and did small roles, but only accepted the role in the ‘sitcom’ because she needed it to get her health insurance back.

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Of course, despite his anxiety problems, the experience was good enough for Bialik to remain a regular member of the cast until the end of The Big Bang Theory in season 12 and have continued acting. In fact, she now stars in the FOX series Call Me Kat.

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