MC Solaar, always solar

(AFP) – The first albums of MC Solaar are finally reissued and access the platforms, the opportunity to return to his inextinguishable curiosity, his references from IAM to Public Enemy, the odyssey of the clip “New Western”.

. “Who had the right”

When he left his first record company in the 2000s, “there had been no firm decision on who had the right to put the first albums back on the market”, as he summed it up for AFP.

La Paix des Braves has just been signed to root out of a 20-year-old legal black hole its original opuses, which were no longer reissued or available on platforms.

It is a pleasure to rediscover “Qui Sème Le vent Récolte Le Tempo” (1991), resuscitated in July, and “Prose Combat” (1994) which resurfaced this Friday.

And here is the fifties delighted to make listen to his “old-fashioned productions” to the young generation.

“There is still 90% good” he laughs. He is also delighted to see rap so popular, far from the “stigma” of the 1990s.

. “New Western”: “We were flabbergasted”

One of the jewels of “Prose combat” is “Nouveau Western”, with a sample of “Bonnie and Clyde” by Serge Gainsbourg. A find by Hubert Blanc-Francard, studio wizard. He and his accomplice of the French Touch, the late Philippe Zdar (who died in 2019), support the rapper-author and his sound director, Jimmy Jay, for this album.

The single is served by a landmark clip: a traveling shot takes MC Solaar as if by magic from Paris to the United States.

“Director Stéphane Sednaoui explains his idea to you, but you don’t understand it (laughs). I wasn’t used to traveling much and we went to New York, Los Angeles, Arizona surrounded by real cacti” , remembers L’As de Trèfle, one of his nicknames.

“Me, I changed the sape, I tried to have a + Snoopienne + attitude – I like Snoop (Dog) – to give a dynamic (laughs). When we saw the result, we were all flabbergasted, c ‘is a great clip “.

. “Hollywood bern”, “double drawer in the pun”

In “New Western”, we hear “Hollywood berne”, a nod to “Burn Hollywood Burn”, title of Public Enemy in ankle with two other figures of US rap, Ice Cube and Big Daddy Kane.

“It’s an extraordinary song about the lack of diversity in American cinema, I wanted to do a little dedication.”

But when he sings this title in Switzerland, the public seizes it in reference to the city of Bern. “It’s the double drawer in the pun,” smiles MC Solaar.

He always cites his references and pays tribute to IAM in “La Concubine De L’Hémoglobine”. The Marseille group, a pioneer of rap, has changed everything.

“Before I was in the ego-trip for my rap and then I heard Shurik’n (co-leader of IAM)”. He sings in an interview a verse of “Non Soumis A L’Etat”. “I said to myself + Oh damn, it’s consistent +”.

He switches to conscious rap, that of societal themes. Ideal for this student of foreign languages, philosophy option, bulimic of reading.

In “Devotion” fuse “The disabled has grabbed the handicap”. Question little approached in rap, which allowed him to focus on “adapted sport”.

. Youssoupha, the one who “over-motivated” him

After 2007, MC Solaar moved away from the studios before returning in 2017 with “Geopoetics”.

“When I wasn’t doing anything, there was someone who over-motivated me, who sent me messages to get me back to music, it was Youssoupha”. “I want to do stuff with him, that’s why I sent him a short text this morning.”

New project on the go? “I’m going to look at the past, from 1990 to now, try to pick out what I liked the most about what I’ve done, make it a kind of conglomerate with new titles, do something that looks like all of my songs. periods “. Its logo is a star, which has not finished shining.