Meryl Streep and her ‘naked’ in ‘Don’t look up’: Leonardo DiCaprio was against that scene

Adam McKay’s new movie has become a Netflix hit, despite its polarized reviews. In the filming there were also some other discrepancies.

For Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep is the queen of cinema and who wants to see someone of her stature completely naked? Don’t look up, the Adam McKay film recently released on Netflix, includes the nude of Streep’s character, President Orlean, and, although they resorted to a body double, DiCaprio was not willing to tarnish the image of the actress. For him it is someone sacred. And period.

In an interview with The Guardian, the director has spoken about this curious discrepancy that appeared around the tape.

She is not scared. Yes, it’s a body double, but do you know what the problem was with that? Leo. He sees her as movie royalty, although royalty may not be a compliment … As a special figure in movie history. He didn’t like seeing her with the tattoo on her back, walking around naked. He said something like, ‘Do you really need to show that?’ And I said, ‘It’s President Orlean, it’s not Meryl Streep.’ She didn’t even blink. Nor did he mention it

Be careful, from here come SPOILERS! Don’t keep reading if you haven’t seen Don’t look up. The scene in question takes place in one of the film’s post-credit scenes. Before the comet hits the earth, killing everyone on it, a group of millionaires escape in a ship looking for a new planet to inhabit. Fresh from their cryogenic chambers, all the travelers appear completely naked, including the former president of the United States, Janie Orlean.

‘Don’t Look Up’ Post-Credit Scenes Explained (Yes, That’s Two)

When she approaches to look at one of the strange creatures that live in her new home, the back of the woman can be seen and, in particular, a tattoo is seen on the lower part of the back. As McKay confirms, we do not see the true body of the actress, but that of a body double. Still, we understand DiCaprio’s words. The magic of the cinema makes us see the ass of Meryl Streep herself.

Don’t look up It is much more than the nude of movie royalty. It is a movie about an apocalypse that is scary because of how close it seems. The discovery of a comet that is going to crash into Earth at full speed is the filmmaker’s excuse to present all the problems we have as a society. That excessive ambition, self-centeredness, the unique search for self-benefit, the (i) responsibility of technology companies …

The film has generated reactions of all kinds. While the critic has valued it negatively, the public is supporting it and it has already become one of the last Netflix phenomena of 2021. You can watch that and other science fiction movies on the streaming platform.

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