Michelle Yeoh ends prejudice in action movies: “Jackie Chan thought women should stay in the kitchen until I kicked his ass”

Jackie Chan starred in a blushing moment with the actress during the filming of ‘Police Story 3’.

Newsflash: cinema is a macho industry. After you have recovered from such news, let’s continue. 40 years ago things were even worse, and if not tell Michelle Yeoh, the actress who has been on everyone’s lips since the wonderful premiere Everything at once everywherethe most awarded film in the entire history of cinema.

And it is that Yeoh is not an upstart. We fans of Hong Kong action movies had already detected it a long time ago (especially the VHS editions that Manga Films saw fit to edit of mythical titles by John Woo or Jackie Chan, among others) in lengths as fun and frenetic as the third part of Police Story: Supercop, precisely together with Jackie Chan, an actor who, like Tom Cruise, has always boasted of doing the action scenes himself and breaking his legs seven times. I don’t know if this last thing is true, but he broke them while filming, sure.

Yeoh putting Jackie Chan in his place: The movie

What we were going to Michelle Yeoh saw fit (or not) to share the cast with Chan in this film. Two cracks, two titans of action. In an interview she gave to Guardian, the actress tells an anecdote of the filming. In one of the scenes, one in which he was on a motorcycle and in which no stuntman was used (curiously, I’ve never heard Yeoh boast about it, have you?), he managed to jump from it onto a train without knowing how to drive it She was also able to jump from the top of a truck onto the hood of a car behind her, slipping and falling onto the road. This was not an impediment for her to try again, getting it satisfactorily.

Apparently this seriously injured the fragile masculinity of poor Chan: It occurred to him to prepare a helicopter stunt for him, a feat that would make it clear who was in charge on the set of the film.

Two years ago and in the same medium, GuardianYeoh delved a little deeper into the anecdote. In that scene, Chan asked him to “don’t do those risky scenes“. Yeoh, astonished, she blurted out a clear and concise “you’re not the best person to do it, you do them all the time!” best trick”. Poor.

Apparently Chan thought women belonged in the kitchen. “Yes, it’s true,” Yeoh stated in Guardian“but a kick in the ass made him change his mind“.

Regarding sequels, Yeoh has nothing against him: “I don’t think it’s a mistake to do sequels. For example, I hope we can do something new with the character of Sang-Chi. Does this open the doors to a sequel to Everything at once everywhere? We will keep reporting.