Microsoft has not been able to stop it after the judge’s refusal

Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard is stretching out more and this demand is not that it helps to lighten the process. Last December we informed you that several players came together to file an antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft for this acquisition. We also echoed that the FTC blocked the acquisition.


Microsoft is currently awaiting the objections it will receive from the European Commission. The CMA will takeAs minimum, a couple of weeks in making public the preliminary findings that will provide a possible idea of ​​​​their final decision. However, Reuters has reported that the demand for the 10 players have come forward and on March 23 the judge will listen to the request of these users.

Last Thursday a California judge, Jacqueline Scott Corley, rejected the Microsoft’s request to stay this lawsuit antitrust presented by the players. Those of Redmond requested to suspend this lawsuit before the recent challenge of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). These players point out that this agreement will adversely affect competition in the video game industry decreasing consumer choice. They also claim that Microsoft would raise pricessomething the FTC also noted.


Microsoft and its lawyers are convinced that this purchase is beneficial: “We remain confident in our case and the way forward and we are committed to closing the deal,” a company spokesperson said after the California court’s decision. Allowing this lawsuit to go forward could mean “unnecessary and duplicate litigation and the risk of inconsistent rulings” since it somewhat overlaps with the FTC case.

“Stay this case while the FTC litigation is ongoing That would simplify matters. in this matter,” Microsoft’s lawyers told the judge, although the players’ lawyers clarified that they were not linked In nothing with the Federal Trade Commission dispute. In this way, the next move of these players is to focus on the presentation of evidence.

Which countries have accepted the purchase of Microsoft?


We recently reported that the Brazilian regulator has approved Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. He even went further and left some indirect towards Sony and set an example to Nintendo. This was the second country that gave the green light to the merger, but the first was Saudi Arabia, which had no impediment. Likewise, another territory that also gave the green light to the merger was Serbia, which is a step further. Chile is the last to join this list.