Microsoft’s 10,000 layoffs have also come to Xbox: Bethesda and 343i are among the teams affected – Starfield

Although it seems that not, the crisis and the more than possible recession It affects big tech. Microsoft recently announced a series of cuts that will affect 10,000 employees over the next few months. Even the CEO of Microsoft has warned that large companies will also have to face great economic challenges for the next two years.

This time the news revolves around the possible affected of these layoffs. According to Jason Schreier, a Bloomberg journalist, the cuts have affected its video game division. Just over a year ago Microsoft bought Activision Blizzard and now these layoffs would have come to Bethesda as well. Nevertheless, the number of layoffs is not known in these two studies as the company has not confirmed this to Bloomberg.

“The scale is still unclear, but so far Bloomberg has confirmed job cuts at Bethesda Game Studios (Starfield) and 343 interactive (Halo). A Microsoft spokesperson declined to comment on how many gaming division employees were laid off.” says Schreier on his Twitter account. In addition, the journalist has indicated in a subsequent tweet that the most affected study has been 343 Industries, something that Lords of Gaming has provided more information about.

They emphasize that the layoffs have affected, for the most part, workers who developed the single-player mode. In addition, the VGC medium also clarifies that the business HoloLens Microsoft and some engineering divisions have also reportedly been part of the cuts.

Ubisoft is also in trouble and its workers are not silent


The latest news that has come to light from Ubisoft is not positive for the French company. That is why to deal with this situation, the company announced multimillion-dollar cuts, something that has not gone down well with many of the workers since they have called a strike. Without going any further, today we have learned that Project Q would have been cancelled.