‘Midnight Mass’, Mike Flanagan’s most personal project he didn’t think he could do

The creator of ‘The Curse of Hill House’ and ‘The Curse of Bly Manor’ has released a new series today on Netflix. Prepare to shake.

The creator of The Curse of Hill House and The Curse of Bly Manor has released new horror series today on Netflix, Midnight massSo get ready to shudder because Mike Flanagan has put all the meat on the spit for a very personal project that has been on his head for a long, long time, but never thought he could do. The creator of the three titles and also director of Sleep doctor He began to realize the terrifying connotations that religion could have when he was only 10 years old and was an altar boy in the church on Governors Island, one of the islands of New York Bay.

As he himself explained to Entertainment Weekly deepening above all the creative process Midnight mass as well as how much of his personal experience is in the new series, Issues like drinking the blood and eating the body of Christ have been “haunting your head” for much longer than you can imagine., as well as the first ideas of developing a horror project around the church. Yes, the first time that “Midnight Mass” -the English title of fiction- appeared in his work was while filming the film Hush in 2016, in which the character of Kate Siegel, his wife in real life, wrote his first ‘bestseller’ and it was called precisely that way.

The project, even before it was a project, had taken many forms. “It was a movie, it was a novel, it was a series,” Siegel recalls. For his part, Flanagan’s regular partner, Trevor Macy, also remembers seeing a first draft script in 2013 while they were working on the film. Oculus. The mirror of evil. From the first moment they both realized that the story was too long, so the idea for the series came up, although no one wanted to buy it.

I always thought of this as the best project I would ever do

“I always thought of this as the best project I would ever do,” Flanagan explains to Entertainment Weekly. So, for years, he dedicated himself to including it when he could as a personal ‘easter-egg’ in the projects that he was lucky enough to carry out. Hush It was the first, yes, but it also had its little moment of glory in Gerald’s game.

The definitive opportunity to carry out the project that he always wanted to do would come from the hand of Netflix and now it is a reality on the platform. For Flanagan it’s like a dream come true, but he also confesses that the story he tells in it is much more personal than viewers could have imagined. In a letter Flanagan wrote to critics, as published Entertainment Weekly, he recognized himself as an ex-alcoholic who had been sober for three years and had faced some of his ghosts as he dedicated himself to telling this story.

In the series we can meet Riley (Zach Gilford), a neighbor of the small town where it takes place, Crockett Island, who served a prison sentence in the past after having fatally run over someone while driving drunk. The protagonist has never been able to recover from the event, which haunts him, and begins to find comfort in the new priest who has just arrived at the place, Father Paul (Hamish Linklater) with whom he has interesting conversations about faith and addiction while at the same time Strange events begin to occur in the place that some consider miracles, but that seem to anticipate the arrival of something worse.

“I don’t know how long it could have been without writing it,” explains Flanagan. “There is something very natural that happens, which is that if you write something that tiptoes towards something very personal, you find yourself throwing up all kinds of things. Hill House in a pretty big way. Happened with Bly Manor. However, this was the story I always wanted to tell. “According to the screenwriter and director, he would not have been able to do it in 2014, even if he had been given the opportunity, because he was not sober yet.

He could write about alcoholism, but he couldn’t have written about sobriety, not intelligently at least. It is by far the most personal I have been fortunate to work on

“What made it exciting, and it was a little scary and it was uncomfortable as well, is that I really wanted to make sure that I was bringing both sides of the board into play as passionately as possible,” explains Flanagan. For him, each of the characters directly represents parts of himself that “are in constant debate and disagreement with each other.”

Having conversations with my own selves throughout the 11 years that I have been immersed in this story is what makes it special to me. I don’t think I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to experience something like that with any job.

The first season of Midnight mass It is already fully on Netflix.