Millau. The Calvé choir is looking for voices

It is not yet aphonia for the Emma-Calvé choir, but it is approaching it. The Millavian musical group has lost 30% of its members since the post-containment recovery. “These are the ravages of the Covid, regrets the conductor, Emiliya Archimbaud. Today, we meet with the regulars, we can sing, but in small numbers. “

So she adapted her repertoire to the forces involved. “We perform works written for smaller groups.” And is looking for new voices to swell the ranks of the group. “We still kept the four desks, the soprano, the viola, the tenor and the bass, details the passionate chef. We are not looking for people who necessarily know how to read music. I prepare audio files with separate voices for everyone. We have a pianist who accompanies us to rehearsals and in concert. “

Now, the choir has 21 people and is preparing for the 2022 season. The second week of May, it should perform within the walls of the Church of the Sacred Heart, its first date of the year. On January 5, she will remain silent for the 80th anniversary of the death of the Millavian singer who gave her name to the group. “It’s still too early to assimilate the whole repertoire”, justifies Emiliya Archimbaud.

A concert at the theater People’s house

The group meets once a week, on Friday afternoon, in the Belfry room, to get together. We absolutely need reinforcements, hammers the professional musician. Those who returned are all motivated, all vaccinated. “ On her program, in 2022, she hopes to perform alongside the orchestra of the Foreign Legion and the Harmonie du Sud-Aveyron.

Everything was planned before the Covid “, exhibits the chorister who studied music in Bulgaria before settling in France 20 years ago. Who continues: “We also wanted to invite the Causses vocal ensemble based in Sévérac-d’Aveyron. We would have been more than 150 on stage, we had booked the People’s House theater for April 2020. We are going to redo the steps to find a niche in the theater.

And keep the identity of the choir, “with a strong repertoire, but accessible, for music lovers”.

The vocal ensemble will also participate in a concert for the benefit of the Retina foundation, which financially supports research in ophthalmology.

Emiliya Archimbaud, who transmits her passion to the choir singers, took charge of the group in 2016, at the same time as the Ensemble vocal du Causse de Sévérac. It was with this second entity that, the following year, she won the first prize for Occitan singing initiatives. It was in her native Bulgaria that she learned the violin and the piano. To play one, you absolutely had to learn about the other.

Fifty-six years of history

Before Emiliya Archimbaud, Cécile Ballin directed the Emma-Calvé choir. It was created in 1965, when parish groups were dissolved. It allowed the faithful to participate in liturgical chants. When it started, almost 40 people sang. Today, its president is Jeannette Trepp. “She has been in the choir for over 50 years”, smiles Emiliya Archimbaud. Currently, the vocal ensemble performs in several festivals “spiritual and secular concerts”, writes the president.