Millau. The landscapes of South Aveyron highlighted by France 5

Advertising cuts are now more pleasant, on France 5, since Monday, January 3. Informed viewers have certainly noticed the idents, those landscapes with a background sound that allow breaks between commercials. Five were shot in Sud-Aveyron and will now be broadcast between 5 and 8 years old. They show the faults of Canalettes, the Corp mill, in the Dourbie gorges, the Redounel mill on the Larzac, the Rougiers de Camarès and the troglodyte hamlets of Eglazines and Saint-Marcellin.

A 100% Aveyron shoot

For these short video clips, the shooting is 100% South Aveyron. First, Motion Palace, the production company of Saint-Affricain Neels Castillon obtained the contract with France 5. He, who is used to major shoots, especially for Puma, Nespresso or even for Roland Garros, contacted Julien Barthélemy, president of Grands causses cinema. “He’s a childhood friend, admits Julien Barthélemy. He asked me to do some scouting. We found twenty locations and France 5 finally validated. “

All signed, the Saint-Affricain came with a reduced team (they were two), for a week, at the end of March, for the shooting. The choice of actors was also local. “In the rifts, it’s Neels’ mother”, jokes Julien Barthélemy. He appears in the gorges of the Tarn, in the hamlets. In total, the public service channel has integrated 75 new video pellets at the start of the year, of which these are part. Grands causses cinema revealed the images on its eponymous Facebook page. The Millavian association, which helps production companies find filming locations in the department, is still building its new website. “It should be online during the month of January, reveals Julien Barthélemy. We are in the process of finalizing the latest versions with the webmaster. “