Mirepoix. Conference-show on musical harmony

The next meeting, proposed by the association Vive la Science, will take the form of a conference-show. It will take place this Tuesday, March 21 at 6 p.m., at the Paul Dardier room and will be hosted by two speakers: Marc Clanet, director of the Mirepoix music school and Gérard Letraublon, president of the association.

In music theory, harmony is the third characteristic of music, after melody and rhythm. Mastering harmony means being able to link chords well. Some flow together naturally, others don’t. Harmony is therefore a natural component of music.

A chord is made up of several notes: a root note and secondary notes. For example, a “C major” chord consists of C (root note), E (middle note), and G (dominant note). On a piano, by hitting a C hard enough, and letting the note resonate for a few seconds, it is possible to hear, while being very concentrated, a G then an E in resonance. We also speak of “harmonic” notes.

The first part of the evening will be devoted to the history of the harmonies in Ariège, the direction of harmonies, the music school of Mirepoix, the theory of sounds and the basics of harmony as well as the technical introduction of the six desks of the harmony of Mirepoix.

After the buffet, the municipal music school of Mirepoix will perform in concert, under the baton of its director.

Mandatory reservation with the Tourist Office of the Cathar Pyrenees of Mirepoix: 05 61 68 83 76.