Mister Universel France: Slyven Nagoua is counting on your support

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The pressure is starting to mount for dynamic Lot-et-Garonnais Slyven Nagoua as the Mister France Universel election approaches.

At the start of the week, the one who was elected Mister Universel Nouvelle-Aquitaine in 2019 will fly to the Lyon region where the grand final will take place on Saturday 8 January. At 21, he has lost none of his determination for this great event that he prepared with the utmost seriousness.

14 candidates for the title

The competition will be fierce within a week with the participation of fourteen candidates each representing a French region. Slyven Nagoua has not forgotten anything of this evening when he won the regional title in Foulayronnes. “We cannot forget this moment. I was not expecting it “, Slyven admits” I was far from this world of elegance “.

After a stop due to the sanitary context, the Layracais is all set to tackle the various parades on the program: in official dress, in street clothes or even a boxer. A way he will seize to make the colors of Lot-et-Garonne and the New Aquitaine region float high.

Open votes

In recent days, the votes for this national election have been open. Slyven Nagoua wears the number 9 *. You just need to send an SMS. Everything is explained on the Facebook page of this event “Mister Universel France”.

For the moment, the candidates from Occitanie, Normandy, Guyana and Reunion constitute the Top 4 of the first votes. There is still a week left to reverse these votes and allow Lot-et-Garonnais Slyven Nagoua to don a beautiful tricolor scarf. And to proudly represent our department but also a whole country during world events. His dream is in your hands.

Info on Facebook Mister Universel France. Vote by SMS to 72 018 (0.75 € + price of a call)

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