Money, caviar, Dubai … the secrets of Nabilla, heroine of a documentary series on Amazon Prime

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Amazon Prime will broadcast a documentary series on Nabilla, influence and ex-reality candidate. The cameras followed her in her life for the shooting of “Nabilla: without filter”. The documentary traces his success for ten years.

“No but hello, what? Are you a girl and you don’t have any shampoo?” Who would have thought that this 22-second sentence, uttered by a reality TV contestant, would allow her to be a millionaire, almost ten years later? This sentence is Nabilla, candidate in “The angels of reality TV 5” who pronounced it.

Today Nabilla is married, had a child, lives in Dubai, is an influencer, owns a cosmetics brand and manages around 30 employees. Amazon Prime wanted to retrace this journey and celebrate its “10 years of notoriety” in a documentary series of 7 * 30 minutes. “Nabilla: without filter” is available from this Friday on the video platform.

Nabilla has succeeded and talks about money without taboos. “Yes, I am a millionaire. Before, we had nothing with Thomas. I see money as a freedom, not as a number. If I want to go to China, I go to China. If I want to buy myself a house, I’m buying myself a house “, confides Nabilla to the Parisian. In the documentary, her husband reveals that she loves caviar. “To choose between McDonald’s and caviar, I choose McDonald’s”, corrects Nabilla. The former reality TV star, who lived in London, is now based in Dubai. “We lived in London for two years but it was very gray. So we migrated to Dubai where we feel safe. And there are facilities.” Like taxation ?, ask our colleagues from the Parisian. “It is a strong point”. But she is quick to point out that her companies remain based in the United Kingdom.

She thought about suicide

When Nabilla becomes famous for her line about shampoo, she is caught in a whirlwind. And undergoes violent criticism. She claims to have thought about suicide. “I’ve been compared to a prostitute, to a porn actress. Can you imagine the scandal if this happened today? It’s super demeaning for a 20-year-old woman. Everyone was picking on me. for a moment, I said to myself that maybe they were right, that maybe I should go “, she confided to the Parisian.

The reunion with his father

The documentary series “Nabilla: without filter” films Nabilla, her husband Thomas and their son Milann but also the father of Nabilla. “We come from two different worlds. He is a discreet gentleman, of Muslim faith, with his values. Me, I’m a little extrovert girl, who has done reality TV.” And to confide: “I feel good in my life”.