Monster Energy Supercross 6 review: Speed ​​and spectacle on two wheels

Speed ​​and driving games in general were very fashionable a few years ago. A boom due to the speed that reached its zenith during the 32 and 64 bit era because, at last, the technology behind the home consoles reached the capacity of bringing us to our homes very similar driving experiences (apart from the corresponding furniture, of course) to those lived in the arcades.

A sweet moment that lasted many years but, with the arrival of new genres (especially subjective shooters and sandboxes), it gradually lost prominence until it was relegated to a secondary level. But like everything in this life, nothing lasts forever and this genre went up in leaps and bounds with the arrival of eSportsHence, for a few years now, many developers and studies have turned once again to driving games… but few like milestone.

This is a study that can boast of being one of the most prolific when launching titles linked to this genre. And they also play a lot of styles, given that as soon as they publish the official game of MotoGP as later they mark a hilarious arcade game based on the cars of Hot Wheels or a motocross simulator as is the case at hand with the arrival of Monster Energy Supercross 6.

Monster Energy Supercross 6

Professional and complete motocross

As its own name says, we are facing the official game of the most interesting championship of the world of motocross. And for this reason it is possible both to compete on the same tracks that the tournament hosts and to accelerate fully with the official motorcycles and riders that are part of the championship.

Offers great flexibility to the user when adjusting control parameters and aids

Despite this, and as has become commonplace both in this saga and in most of the works by this Italian studio, we also have the option of creating our pilot with the corresponding editor (which is a bit of a walk around the house, the true) as well as devise our own tracks and helmetssome tools that in this case are much better resolved in my opinion.

And as it is also necessary in any self-respecting speed game, we can also enjoy a Trajectory mode which is the most important option of all those presented by the title in terms of use and enjoyment alone. A modality that is more absorbing and, above all, customizable than ever at all levels, making it possible to make decisions of all kinds, improve the rider’s skills as we see fit and, of course, adjust the style and level of control of the motorcycles. .

Monster Energy Supercross 6

Precisely one of the great qualities What this new work presents is the great flexibility it gives the user when adjusting the control parameters and aids. And I can assure you that riding bareback without any kind of help changes a lot than activating at least the most basic ones, being a game capable of satisfying in this sense the most pro players as well as those who have not played a motocross title in their life.

But returning to the subject of the modalities that Monster Energy Supercross 6 integrates, the integration of cross play between the different formats, a novelty that many members of the community of this study were crying out for. An innovation that is also joined by the new Supercross Park. A place that is divided into several quite large and completely different areas with their corresponding tracks and in which, if we wish, we can take a walk and perform stunts and other actions with complete freedom.

Monster Energy Supercross 6

Continuing with the news, the veteran pilot Jeremy McGrath He helps us with his advice in the corresponding school, a nod to an epic figure in the world of motocross and that the followers of this sport surely know how to appreciate how he deserves. And to finish with the novelties related to the game modes that have been included in this simulator, it is also worth highlighting the so-called Rhythm Attack tests. Some very exciting races that take place on totally straight tracks but full of jumps, potholes and other obstacles. Some pretty fun events.

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For the rest and taking into account that this series is from annual characterthis sixth installment remains faithful to what was recreated in previous editions in other aspects, and that includes everything that has to do with its visual and sound section.

Monster Energy Supercross 6

Technically it is a remarkable title in general, highlighting both the setting of each race and, especially, the behavior of the motorcycles during the tests, very convincing. The animations of the riders are not bad either and the modeling of the bikes is fantastic, something that cannot be said about the faces of the riders that we created in the editor, which look like something out of a horror movie. Of course, the sensation of speed is very well achieved and all the races run smoothly, at least in the version we have tested (PS5). The sound section performs at a similar level, with quite successful and varied effects, and an appropriate soundtrack.

True to its way of working and doing things, the Italian studio Milestone presents its annual edition of motorcycles, jumps and shows with Monster Energy Supercross 6. A delivery that is as remarkable and enjoyable as it is continuous in everything related to its technical section and playable. A delivery that has the collaboration of a legend of this sport such as Jeremy McGrath who provides advice and helps us with the tutorial and the integration of several new modalities. A well-done simulator that offers numerous options and game modes, including the possibility of designing our own tracks. It barely innovates and doesn’t surprise at all, but it’s still the best exponent of its genre.

Buy Monster Energy Supercross 6

  • It is possible to play against 11 pilots online and against a second player offline.

  • Being the official game of the 2022 Monster Energy Supercross championship, it owns all the teams, bikes and riders of the tournament.

  • The Supercross Park mode has been revamped and includes new areas and locations.

  • Includes online crossplay between the various platforms.

  • The game incorporates a very normal character editor and other more elaborate tracks and helmets.

Players: 1-12

Language: Texts in Spanish and voices in English

Duration: Incalculable

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