Monster Hunter Rise analysis on consoles: “I’ve been waiting for it for almost 2 years and the hunt has finally begun on PlayStation and Xbox”

I really wanted to be able to enjoy Monster Hunter: Rise on PS5 and Xbox Series. Its previous installment, Monster Hunter: World, was a video game that practically earned my social life for a long time. In the same way, there were many players who discovered the Monster Hunter saga as a result of that same work; not for nothing did it reach a milestone of 20 million copies distributed even after the premiere of Rise on Nintendo Switch. It is undeniable that the Capcom saga is experiencing one of the stages most popular in all its history. Having said that, My expectations weren’t exactly low. with this adaptation of the 2021 game, which I expected like rain in May. Has it fulfilled, then, the expectations that you had deposited in it? I urge you to discover it in this Monster Hunter: Rise review.

Monster Hunter: Rise in 2023, how has time been for you?

Before proceeding, I must point out an important nuance: this analysis is not focused on assessing the title globally, but on examining it in detail and carefully How has your transfer and adaptation been? to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, or Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, respectively. That is why if you want to see all the details in this regard, I invite you to visit the Monster Hunter Rise analysis for Nintendo Switch. You also have, in case you are interested in the computer version, the analysis of Monster Hunter Rise for PC.

Regarding the versions of the aforementioned consoles, it should be noted that the video game comes with all post-launch content to date, except, yes, the Sunbreak expansion. For the latter we will have to wait until the next spring. However, we can liven up the wait with a endless hours of hunting thanks to the base content plus all those DLC’s free. Although I would have liked this version to already have the expansion, the truth is that content, of course, it is not lacking at all.

An amazing display of graphical customization

After putting myself at the controls, one of the first aspects in which I began to investigate was, of course, in different graphic modes. The truth is that it provided the typical: two or three modalities with different priorities, as intergenerational video games have become accustomed to. And no, I was not wrong… in part. Although it is true that the video game has three modes in his version for playstation 5 (default, prioritize graphics or prioritize frame rate), it also gives us access to configure numerous features that we would only see in a PC game.

Monster Hunter Rise Graphic Options

In the “advanced graphic settings” menu we will find numerous options to customize the visual aspect of the game

We will be able to activate high-resolution textures, dynamic shadows, ambient occlusion, adjust the quality of the shadows… among many other options. I was hoping this would have at least some impact on the performancebut what has been my surprise when realizing that no: the video game maintains some 4k/120fps extremely stable. On the other hand, I have tried to discern, although it is an almost impossible letter without the appropriate tools, if the resolution is native or dynamic. I have had confrontations against monsters of all kinds, and I can assure you that at no time have I noticed a decrease in the sublime sharpness that the video game boasts. Therefore, if I had to opt for an option, I would say that the work maintains some native 4k all the timewithout any ups and downs.

Game performance is sublime even with all graphics options maxed out

Having said this, and going back to frame ratethe players of the new consoles will not need “certain fixes” like the VRR (variable refresh rate). Which, by the way, is not natively incorporated on PlayStation 5, but because you don’t need it. The frame rate does not drop even in the most frantic matches that we can play.

Monster Hunter Rise PS5

Now: what visual result offer all these graphic options? If we take into account its origin, that of a video game created on admittedly limited hardware like Nintendo Switch, the answer is obvious: the result is sensational. There have been moments —and not a few— in which did not think that I was playing an original Switch title. This not only reveals the great job made by Capcom, but also the great versatility enjoyed by the RE ENGINE; a graphics engine that, if you allow me the audacity, is one of the best in the industry.

HDR gives a strong boost to the image

We have not had a few cases of unsuccessful HDR that weren’t working properly, as was the case with The Callisto Protocol. Fortunately, this time, we find an HDR perfectly functional. The implementation is correct, providing a strong impulse to the illumination and contrast of the image. Of course, all this will depend on the monitor or television you use. In my case, with an LG C1 model, I can attest that the result is gorgeous. Nothing revolutionary, but it more than fulfills its mission. Even so, although it is true that the visual aspect enjoys an exhaustive and meticulous work, it cannot hide, on occasions, the obvious: it is not a Monster Hunter designed from scratch for these consoles. This is easily evident in the detail load of the scenarios or the monsters. But I insist: it is still a video game extremely showy that has stoically endured its transfer to more modern consoles, and with remarkable high.

If you have a panel with a decent HDR, you will give the game a plus of visibility

It seems incredible that a video game designed for Nintendo Switch can feel as excellent and exquisitely natural as it does. Rise on the new platforms. The controls have been perfectly tailored and provide an experience that is as familiar as it is close to what it provided World. All this, of course, with many news in the playable section.

Monster Hunter Rise Jump

I will not try to evaluate that section because for that is, as I indicated at the beginning of this post, the original analysis. However, I do have to point out that all these new facets have been incorporated into the controls with great skill. if you come from World, it may take you a bit to get used to the new commands that have been introduced. For example, if you are thrown into the air by a monster, you can regain your balance in the air with a graceful movement. All these new additions that were not present in the last Monster Hunter that we saw on these consoles feel just as good as the rest of the set: natural, solid and organic.

Dualsense, 3D audio and SSD: how does Rise take advantage of all the new generation features?

Rise takes advantage of numerous advantages that only new consoles can offer

Something that has pleasantly surprised me are the loading times, practically, instantaneous. We will be able to move around Kamura and access each of its rooms without any delay. The same applies for when we start a mission: just press the corresponding button to start and, in a blinkyou will be on the hunting ground.

In regards to Dualsense of PlayStation 5, yes I have to say that I have missed a wider implementation. Although we will notice, for example, a certain resistance in the triggers when we do certain combos, all this boils down to a very specific punctuality that I consider to be could have given more if

Monster Hunter Rise Twist Sword

Regarding audio, we must highlight the built-in compatibility with the 3D. Despite the fact that, in many cases, 3D tends to ‘blur’ or make the audio less crystal clear, that has not been my impression with this title. It goes without saying that the perception of audio is highly subjective and personal; However, after testing it on different ranges of headphones, I can at least say that maintains a great level in all of them. Nuances can be perceived that would otherwise go unnoticed. Likewise, it also provides a plus of immersion which, by not affecting the overall audio quality, I have enjoyed immensely.

One of the biggest complaints I can make of this adaptation is its incompatibility with the crossplay and the cross save. It does not include either of these two options and, unfortunately, it is a factor of great importance when recommending its purchase for those players who have already played it on Switch. So, if you already had the opportunity to enjoy it and you were thinking of returning to Kamura to enjoy these improvements, keep in mind that you should start from scratch.

Whether you started with Monster Hunter World or are a veteran of the franchise, you’ll thoroughly enjoy Monster Hunter Rise. It is an extremely careful adaptation of the Nintendo Switch video game, and although it has the intrinsic limitations that concern Nintendo hardware, this does not take away an iota of fun and enjoyment. Of course, if you already played it in its original version, you must take into account that you will not be able to transfer your game. Otherwise, if you missed hunting monsters, Kamura’s village has room for one more hunter.

  • The renewed graphic section makes itself shine from the first moment.

  • The implementation of HDR suits you fabulously, giving it a plus of attractiveness and charm.

  • Adapting the controls is both natural and practical.

  • Loading times on the new generation are almost non-existent.

  • It does not have cross-play or cross-save.

Players: 1-4

Language: Texts in Spanish and voices in English, Japanese, monster hunter language

Duration: 40 hours (minimum)

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