Montamat: the duo Les Marraines in concert this Sunday

On Sunday February 26, at 3 p.m., the Montamat village hall will host a concert for young audiences (from 4 years old), with the duo Les Marraines, made up of Emmanuelle de Bataille and Nadine Albérola. The latter offer a repertoire of funny, wacky and sensitive songs.

After passing through the Toulouse Music Conservatory, Nadine Albérola teaches guitar and harp and leads musical awakening workshops, while participating in various storytelling and music projects with National Education and other cultural structures. She gives classical concerts with the violinist Cyril Perisset, and is part of a traditional Irish music group.

For her part, Emmanuelle de Bataille is a singer and songwriter in the Bataille duo and the young audience duo Les Marraines. She is trained in classical and jazz singing. She plays as an actress and singer in various theater and music shows, ranging from classical to contemporary and including young audiences, with the Cie Calliope et Thalie, the Cie Terre de Lune and the Cie La Foule. To his credit, many compositions in the field of song for young audiences, songs for all audiences, and multidisciplinary artistic performances for early childhood. She has also led projects and led workshops in the field of song creation, writing and theatrical work with National Education, various municipalities and many cultural structures.

Price: from 5 euros.